Wyatt Shaw

Wyatt Shaw: Kentucky Boy Baffles Doctors After He Sleeps for 11 Days Straight

Wyatt Shaw, a 7-year-old boy from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, has left doctors baffled after he woke up perfectly fine from an eleven-day sleep. Though he initially had trouble speaking and moving, Wyatt quickly made full progress and was well on his way toward a full recovery.

Wyatt Shaw: Kentucky Boy’s Mystery Illness Causes an 11-Day Slumber

Before the mind-boggling incident, Wyatt Shaw was your normal second grader. He attended his aunt’s wedding and walked the aisle as the ring bearer. Wyatt partied with his family and friends that night, so his mom, Amy, expected the child to be knocked out by bedtime. The last thing his mom heard from him that day was a complaint about a stomachache and his head hurting. Nonetheless, Wyatt went to bed shortly after the party.

However, all the fun turned into a nightmare when Wyatt wouldn’t wake up the next day.

“He was awesome, he stole the show. He stole the last dance—he took the bride away from the groom,” Amy Thompson told reporters. “Monday I tried to wake him up, and he fell back to sleep. I’d say, ‘Wyatt, Wyatt, Wyatt!’ And he fell back to sleep again. It was horrible.”

Realizing that something was awfully wrong, Amy hastily took her son to Norton Children’s Hospital where doctors suspected that he could be infected by a virus or bacteria due to the symptoms he exhibited the night before. But when test results turned up negative, they started scrambling to understand what was going on with the young boy.

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Boy Sleeps for 11 Days Straight

Wyatt would continue his sleep for a shocking 10 additional days as doctors continued to run tests. There were a number of electric misfires in his brain, causing him to stay in a state of constant sleep, so doctors turned to seizure medication to help him wake up.

Wyatt finally regained consciousness on the eleventh day of his confinement. He couldn’t move or speak at first, but with the help of the hospital staff, he was slowly on his way to making a full recovery. Wyatt’s doctors have said that there may be a chance that they’ll never know what caused him to fall into a deep sleep, so their main focus was to help him get better.

The case is eerily similar to a mysterious sleeping syndrome that plagued the village of Kalachi in Kazakhstan back in 2013. The residents mysteriously fell into a deep sleep that lasted up to six days. When they woke up, they had no memory or recollection of what happened to them.

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