10 Exciting Water Sports you Gotta Try!

10 Exciting Water Sports you Gotta Try!

Water sports are getting even more popular nowadays. Not only are water sports fun and adventurous, they are also healthy. The best thing about these aquatic activities is that you can enjoy them with family and friends, or you can choose to do something on your own.

As more and more people get into water sports, more and more beach resorts and pool facilities are offering some of these activities.

Here are ten thrilling and exciting water sports to do during the summer.


Banana Boat Riding

A banana boat is a banana-shaped inflatable that is towed by a jet ski or any small water craft. Discovered and invented by Glenn Mathews, the boat can seat three to ten riders depending on the model. Riders are required to wear life vests because the activity is about overturning the banana boat. The riders’ aim is to hold on to the boat for the full duration of the ride. Children below four years old are not allowed to participate in this sport.





This sport is considered by some as an extreme action sports. It is a combination of snowboarding, surfing and water skiing. To excel in this sport, one must apply the right techniques. Wakeboarding involves a person on a wakeboard, which looks like a snowboard and is being towed by a motorboat. The boarder will do tricks while navigating the waters.
The sport was originally called skurfing, and it was developed in Australia during the 1980s.

River Rafting

Sometimes called white water rafting, this recreational and competitive sport is quite hard. But there are river rafting for beginners too. The sport is about a person or a group of people riding an inflatable raft and navigating the part of the river where the current is strong. This exciting sport became popular in the 1970s.

Scuba Diving




This popular underwater activity involves diving deep under the water. Divers are aided by tanks that carry oxygen for breathing. Participants of this water sport will enjoy the magnificent beauty of the underwater ecosystem.
Free diving is quite similar to scuba diving except free divers don’t use oxygen tanks for breathing. They hold their breathes as long as they can while enjoying the underwater scene.


One of the oldest sports in history, swimming has been recorded way back in the Stone Age. The sport involves a certain individual traveling through the water using his or her body to move. The sport’s fundamentals include the concept of buoyancy and hydrodynamics. To get faster in swimming, a swimmer must increase his power and lessen water resistance.
Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is even taught in schools.

Cable Skiing

This sport is like wake boarding but instead of being towed by motorboats, skiers are pulled by cables. The activity was invented by Bruno Rixen a German engineer. This exciting sport involves skiers skiing over ramps strategically placed around the water course.
Cable skiing is considered as a more safer alternative for wake boarding.

Jet Skiing




This adrenaline rush–inducing sport employs a jet-powered scooter that can move on the surface of water on a very high speed. Usually, beginners are accompanied by an instructor until they are ready to control the jet ski themselves. Once prepared, riders can ride on their own and experience the thrill of racing on the surface of the water.


This recreational activity is very exhilarating. A couple or a single person is towed by a boat whilst attached to a specially created big canopy (parasail). As the boat speeds up, the parasail will fly to the air.
The water activity was developed in 1980s and has become one of the favorite activities of people looking for thrilling experience while at the beach.





Snorkeling involves swimming on or through a body of water while wearing a diving goggles, a snorkel, and swim fins. The snorkel is a tube that swimmers put in their mouth and through which they breathe. The aim of the sport is to let the snorkeler explore the underwater marine life without using scuba gears.
The sport is quite easy to master. People of all ages can participate in this relaxing activity.

Kite Surfing

Also called kite boarding, this extreme water sport is a combination of wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing, gymnastics, and paragliding. It is the wind that propels a rider across the water on a kite board.
A kite surfer wears a kite board, which is strapped on to their feet. The rider will have to hold on a kite which they can control to navigate the waters. Sometimes, kite surfers will glide through the air and do some nifty tricks. Free ride, course racing, freestyle, wake style and wave riding are the categories of this extreme water sport.

Check out these awesome water sports:


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