10 Most Beautiful and Colorful Insects in Nature

10 Most Beautiful and Colorful Insects in Nature


Insects have never really been associated with beauty. They are often known as the annoying little creatures that cause disturbance in a garden and ruin our pristine existence. But when we look at them a little closer, you will surely be fascinated by its variety of colors and shapes. They can be in fact be among the world’s most beautiful critters. Here are ten of the most beautiful insects discovered:

10. Fruit Fly


9. Beetle


8. Caterpillars


7. Jewel Beetle


6. Dragonfly




5. Picasso Bug


 4. Grasshopper

3. Peacock Butterfly

2. Blue Pansy


1. Ulysses Butterfly

Aside from these insects, there are plenty more spectacular creatures out there. While some are waiting to be discovered, others are just too small to be seen by the naked eye.




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