10 Most Stunning Surfing Photos Ever Taken

10 Most Stunning Surfing Photos Ever Taken


Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in the world. Tracing its origin from the Polynesian culture in the islands of the Pacific, this widely recognized summer time activity generally makes use of a board where a rider or a surfer uses it to travel on the waves. Surfing however, does come in many forms. It can be done with specially design boards such as long boards and short boards or even without the board.

Dangerous it may be, this adrenaline pumping sport has become a constant subject of both awe and fascination for both surfers and none surfers alike. This reputably thrilling sport also produces some of the world’s most breathtaking photos that will simply inspire you to get on the surfing board.

Here are some of the world’s most stunning photos taken by none other than Trans World Surf, the leading experts in surfing photography.

Hitting the City Life

Mitch Coleborn. Surfers Paradise, Australia. August issue, 2008. Photo: Damea Dorsey

Blue Crush

Marlon Gerber, Indonesia. December issue, 2008. Photo: Peter Boskovic

Going Down Under

Alek Parker, The Beach, Caribbean. July issue, 2007. Photo: Seth Stafford

Water World

Mikala Jones. Ujung Kulon, Indonesia. April issue, 2002. Photo: Dustin Humphrey

A Walk in the Park

Mark Healey, Backdoor Pipeline, Hawaii. April issue, 2009. Photo: Pat Stacy




All the Party People in the House

Damien Wills, The Zone, Australia. October issue, 2007. Photo: Tim Jones

A Salute to the Legends

Oceanside, California. November issue, 2003. Photo: Steve Sherman

Up, Up and Away

Matt Rockhold, Santa Cruz. November Issue, 2006. Photo: Dave Nelson and Cory Hansen

Peek a Boo

Richie Vaculik. Ours, Australia. January issue, 2009. Photo: Spencer Hornby


C.J. Hobgood, Teahupo’o. September issue, 2005. Photo: Brian Bielmann/SPL




If surfing isn’t your thing, why not try your hand at surfing photography.  Let these pros show you how to get started.




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