10 of the Friendliest Dog Breeds in the Planet

10 of the Friendliest Dog Breeds in the Planet

Most people who would like to own a dog will normally look for friendly breeds. This is basically because they might want to bring their pets when they socialize with friends, like when they go to the mall for a cup of coffee or when they take a walk in the park. Not a lot of people wants a dog that easily barks or gnarls at strangers.

So, if you are looking for a new canine friend, you might like to know which breeds are the friendliest. We have listed ten of them below for you.

1. Standard Poodles

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Standard Poodles are not only active dogs. They are also quite intelligent, making them sociable and very eager to learn. As they enjoy keeping company with people, they make the perfect companions either for single individuals or families.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


Cavaliers are very pleasant and they are quite affectionate and friendly, as well. Although this is the least active breed on this list, these pups are the best choice for families with small children or someone who usually has visitors of all ages running around.

3. Beagles


The small and very active beagles are perfect for  either children or adults. This is because they do not only love to be with their owners, they are also quite comfortable with strangers.  Not only do they love hanging out with their owners, they love getting to know strangers as well.




4. Pugs


With the capability to love anyone and everyone who will feed them, pugs are known to have one of the funniest personalities among all canines. Because of their size, they are easy to take anywhere.

5. Boston Terriers


Because Boston terriers are known to be very lively, they can be quite the clowns. This makes them very lovable and great companions.

6. Boxers


If you are looking for a large yet friendly dog, then the Boxers is the breed for you. Although they might appear intimidating, they are actually fond of giving out kisses. They love people who will play with them and pet them.


7. English Bulldogs


Bulldogs have funny personalities. Although they can be active and enjoy some exercise, they are also capable of cuddling and snoring with you, when you are at home to relax. They are friendly with their owner families and even with strangers.

8. Labrador Retrievers


Known as one of the most popular breeds perfect for families, Labs are more or less the same as Goldens when it comes to their friendly personalities. They are the best choice for people looking for active pets, who are eager to make friends.




9. Pembroke & Cardigan Welsh Corgis


Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis are medium-sized dogs that need regular activities and they have very amiable personalities. Because they are extremely sociable, they love going out and making friends with new people. They are extremely social and absolutely love getting out and meeting new people.

10. Golden Retrievers


Goldens are one of the most famous and suitable dog breeds for people of all ages. Aside from being very sociable, they are also quite friendly, even with strangers.



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