10 People Excessively Large Body Parts

10 People Excessively Large Body Parts


We complain so often about our body parts. We are never really contented about what we have. We think God is unfair for giving others a goddess-like face, while we are just ordinary-looking. “Why does she have that body, and I’m insanely fat? She eats too much and doesn’t gain weight, while I eat so little and my face starts swelling. Why is she so smart when she doesn’t even listen in class?” We have so much on our mouth to blabber out, but have ever been thankful of what we have? Have we ever paused and thought that hey, at least I’m healthy and alive and still kicking? Guess not.

Is that human nature? I don’t know. But one thing’s for sure: we will never be contented enough of what we have. So I think it’s time to get back to our senses and think about other people who might have been less blessed than us when it comes to physical aspect. They have either bigger-than-usual parts or smaller. Bottom line is, they’re not like us, but they never asked anyone why they were born that way. They are even proud about it and take these things to their advantage. Some, though, ahve to get these parts removed or reduced, not because they are not proud of it, but because they are suffering because of it. Check out their stories and learn from them.

1. The Woman Who Has a Hefty Hips

Let’s get to Mikel Ruffinelli first, the lady who has hips that measure eight feet in circumference. Ruffinelli is having a hard time climbing the stairs, showering, riding public transportation because of this. She is suffering from arthritis. She would also need to drive a truck because that’s the only vehicle that can support her quite wide circumference. But Ruffinelli still loves her body and is happily married to her husband who loves it too.

2. The Man with a Twisty Tongue

Meet Nick Stoeberl from Monterey, California. The guy has a tongue that is 3.86 inches long. While we are too frustrated that we can’t get to the bottom of the ice cream cone, Stoeberl doesn’t have that problem. You can trust him in sealing envelopes too, by the way.

3. The Man with the Biggest Nose

This guy has a lot to boast, including a Guinness Book of World Records Recognition. Turkish Mehmet Ozyurek holds the record for the biggest nose with one measuring 8.8 centimeters or 3.46 inches. Do you think your nose is sharp and big enough? Think again.

4. The Man Who Walks with the Biggest Feet


What’s your shoe size? Oh, forget it. That will surely be smaller than this guy’s. Brahim Takioullah of Morocco walks with the biggest pair of feet. His right foot measures 2.76 inches, while his left is 3 inches. (Don’t be too shocked; even your feet have different sizes and length.) He often has hard times wearing shoes and finding one that suits his size, so he rarely wears a pair of them. Takioullah actually suffers from a condition known as acromegaly.

5. The Woman with the Longest Legs

Ever dreamt of having longer legs? Perhaps. Who wouldn’t want to boast a pair of legs that are perfect for modeling? But here’s Svetlana Pankratova, a one blessed woman when it comes to legs. Her legs measure more than four feet, and for that, she is Guinness-certified. She stands a total height of six feet. In case you’re interested, she’s not the tallest woman in the world still. Pankratova always has a hard time getting into and out of a car and has to hunt for a bed that would cater to her height.




6. The Man with the Largest Tonsils


Patrick Kelleher isn’t that proud of the world record he once held. With a pair of tonsils that measures 2.4 by 1.4 by 1.2 inches and one measuring 2.0 by 1.4 by 1.0 inches, he was having a hard time breathing and sleeping. He got it removed and reported that things are easier for him now.

7. The Woman with the Longest Nails (Ever)

Lee Redmond
Chris “The Duchess” Walton

A regular in the nail shop? You must love your nails. But meet Lee Redmond, she loves her nails so much that she grew it to a whopping length of 28 feet and 4.5 inches. Yes, that’s almost nine meters. She started to grow them in 1979. In 2009, however, she lost them to an automobile accident. After it, the record was transferred to Chris “The Duchess” Walton who had nails that have a combined length of 20 feet.

8. The Guy with the Biggest Hand

Have a big hand for gold? Well, this guy literally has. The largest hand ever recorded was measuring 32.3 centimeters or 12.7 inches. But the living human who has a huge hand is Jerry Sokoloski, also named as the tallest man in Canada. His hand measures 12 inches. Would you want a handshake with this guy? Think about it first.

9. The Man with the Biggest Scrotum


I don’t know if you often get to a quarrel with your husband over the size of his you know, but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want him to end up like this guy. Wesley Warren Jr. used to hold the Guinness Book of World Record for having the biggest scrotum. His actually weighed 132 pounds! He had it removed via surgery because it was causing him too much trouble. He had a condition called scrotal lymphedema, which causes some body parts to swell up exponentially. Because of the disease, he was experiencing intense pain.

10. The Woman with the World’s Largest Natural Breasts

A wisher for big breasts so your man would find you sexy? Well, you might want Norma Stitz to give you some of hers. Norma has the world’s biggest pair of natural breasts, with each measuring seventy inches. She was actually born as Annie Hawkins-Turner but was given the nickname Norma Stitz, a word play of the phrase “enormous tits.” Norma revealed she doesn’t want to undergo surgeries to get them reduced.




They do not look normal, and while you’re hoping for a better bod, you will not want to look like them. Some of them grew those parts by themselves, while some were born with it. Their everyday lives don’t go the way ours does. They have to deal with the disadvantages caused by excessive body parts. Nevertheless, they don’t care so much about it and wanted to find a way to make their lives as easy as possible. Now I guess, it’s time to think twice about calling yourself not beautiful enough over and over again.



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