These 10 Selfless Acts Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

These 10 Selfless Acts Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Seeing news about violence, going for a walk but witnessing a rally along the way, getting stuck in the middle of a riot, or knowing your soldier buddy has to go to war again—they all could get exhausting. You get that every day that sometimes, you just want to shout, “I need a break!” Well, we understand that, and to help you get through, here are ten acts of kindness that will give you the break you need and will restore your faith in humanity.

Bike from a Stranger Buddy

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Faith in Humanity Restored

This newspaper section tells a story of a boy who wanted a bike and met a guy who made his wish come true.

No Free Luch?

Free Food

There’s no such thing as free lunch, you say? This place says there is.

The Very Social ‘Social Bite

Note for homeless people

‘Social Bite has picked the right name. Their concern for society and the people who come to visit them extends to giving homeless people cups of coffee and even meals for free.

Free Shower On-the-Go

Free shower on the go

This transit bus was transformed to a bathroom for the homeless. Built with two private bathrooms, place for hot showers, toilets, soaps, shampoos, and towels, this mobile shower bus was made by nonprofit group headed by Lava Mae, who wants ‘to return a sense of dignity to those living in the streets.’




Thank-You Letter in the Street

Thank-You Letter in the Street

This woman got into an accident in the middle of the street, and she thanked the strangers who helped her through this.

Caps for Charity

Caps for Charity

Fifteen-year-old Japanese student Yutero Domon collected nearly 50,000 bottle caps for a charity that helps children in developing countries get a shot of polio vaccines.

Freebies for Firepit Stealer Freebies for Firepit Stealer

When someone steals something from you, do you willingly give them more? This family does.

Honesty Is Not Dead

Honesty Is Not Dead

While we believe that in this world, lying and making up excuses have become a habit, one man will prove you otherwise.

Honest Commuters 

Honest Commuters

Another act of honesty is shown by these Canadian passengers.




Horse’s Hero

 Horse's Hero

This horse’s head got stuck in the mud in a beach in Australia, and this woman spent hours holding the horse’s head above the tide.

We have got used to things that kill our faith in humanity, but at some point, we are confronted by stories of selfless people who want to prove to us that it’s not too unreasonable to have that faith restored.

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