40 Sleeping Animals in Funny Positions

40 Sleeping Animals in Funny Positions


Sleep is an essential part of life that all living things, except plants, need to continue their daily lives. We human beings especially need the shut-eye for we have a busy day ahead of us.

Animals, however, need this to continue their menial tasks for survival, but apparently, they do not give a damn where or how they sleep, as long as they get a good night’s rest. You may find them napping in the weirdest conditions and locations.

The photos below features funny and adorable animals who are in the worst possible  places to sleep, yet they still got comfortable and decided to take a nap anyway.

1.  A squirrel taking a snooze on the branch of a tree.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (6)

2.  This jungle leopard decided to just sleep on this tree.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (5)

3.  A lioness thinks it is a good idea to nap above a log.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (3)

4.  A happy panda bear taking a rest in between branches.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (4)

5.  A cute dog fell asleep while playing with his chew toy.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (2)

6.  That seems to be the most cozy position for him.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (8)

7.  I couldn’t imagine sleeping like this.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (7)

8.  A kitty fell asleep on the phone.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (10)

9.  Another kitten who took a rest on a stool.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (9)

10.  If it fits, it sleeps.

Sleeping Time Of Animals (1)




11. Ohh! Meat…Soft Meat…I want you..

12. The floor is so tasty.

13. When mom calls to wash the dishes..I’m like.

14. Stop it! I’m shy

15. Sun bathing hippo-style.

16. High Five!

17. Look at me, I’m a unicorn.

18. Feels like home.

19. This bear doesn’t care where to sleep.

20. This is a no-flight day.




21. Give me a break.

22. I’m so tired to go and wash my body.

23. This is a good framing.

24. As long as I can take a rest…I don’t care.

25. Hey dude, I’m a cool?

26. I love you rock.

27. Knockout.

28. Wait, I’m not ready yet.

29. The floor smells like food.

30. Who told you to take picture of me sleeping?


31. Your coffee sucked!

32. I can handle it.

33. Don’t fool me human! I know what you’re doing.

34. Pug life.

35. I did not put myself here.

36. I fell asleep while drying.

37. I thought the water was right in here.

38. I surrender.

39. It’s not what you think. I swear.

40. After hanging out with my friends.




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