10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

10 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

Aside from being absolutely adorable, small dogs are great family companions and snuggle buddies. They require low maintenance, make perfect travel companions, and offer lots of fun! Though not as adventurous as their larger kind, little dogs can also be adaptable to outdoor activities with their owners. So if you’re looking for a tiny breed to add to your family, go over these cute little ones!

1. Brussels Griffon


These energetic dogs from Brussels, Belgium, make up in their attitude what they lack in physical size. Weighing an average of 8–10 lbs, they were bred to kill rodents and are quite vocal when they smell something unordinary comes up.

2. Papillon



Papillons are named and known for their big ears that are shaped like a butterfly and were portrayed in paintings as far back as the 1500s. Because of their weight of only an average 8–10 lbs, they have been household lap dogs ever since.

3. Chihuahua



These tiny Mexican dogs have been the subjects of some Mexican paintings dating back to 300 BC. They weigh an average of 4–6 lbs.

4. Japanese Chin


These breed was kept small since they were originally lap dogs for Japanese royalty. Japanese weigh an average of 7–9 lbs. They are intelligent, has a cat-like temperament and are so endearing.

5. Russian Toy



This tiny Russian breed has an average weight of 3–6 lbs. It comes in two varieties: those that are short-coated and those that are long-coated. Both are equally tiny and stands only 8-10 inches. They were originally bred to fight cats. They are also very vocal and have a lot of personality.



6. Pomeranian


Pomeranians look like tiny lions and weighs around 4–8 lbs. Their great personalities and matching looks have earned them a place in the list of the most popular tiny breeds in the United States. They enjoy being with people, and they can be the best exercise buddies as this breed seem to have unlimited energy.

7. Affenpinscher


Dating back to the seventeenth century, this German breed was used to eliminate vermin from kitchens and stables. These adventure-loving dogs weigh around 6–13 lbs, and just like terriers, they can be adorably stubborn.

8. Toy Fox Terrier


Despite their light weight at only 3.5–9 lbs only, these terriers are amazingly athletic and are always on the go. They originated from the larger fox terriers and were often used in circus shows because of their lively nature and the fact that they are easy to train.

9. Maltese


At only 2–8 lbs, these tiny dogs are great family companions and lap buddies. For years, they have been selectively bred to maintain their small size. Even some enthusiasts in earlier years wanted to make them smaller than they are now.

10. Yorkshire Terrier


They were bred for the purpose of hunting yet the Yorkie has emerged to become one of the most popular companions in the United States. This spunky little dog likes are adapted to be taken anywhere by their owners as they are nearly pocket-sized and only weigh 7 lbs.


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