10 Tallest Trees on Earth

10 Tallest Trees on Earth


With a height reaching up to 300 feet or 91 meters, the redwood tree is definitely the tallest tree species on the planet. And among all these species, one redwood exceeded the expected height. Standing 379.7 feet tall, the Hyperion was first discovered in 2006.

Today, this tree species is growing taller than we can ever imagine. Although the exact locations of these redwoods are not mentioned for their protection, we still came up with a list of their names, along with their height, for you to be amazed with how Mother Earth works magic in its own little way.

10. Mendocino Tree – 112.20 m

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (10)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: 4.19 m

From December 1996 to August 2000, the Mendocino Tree was the tallest tree on the planet.

9. Paradox – 112.56 m

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (9)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: 3.90 m

Standing 112.56 meters, the Paradox is a redwood species that is found in the United States.

8. Rockefeller – 112.60 m, the U.S

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (8)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: the diameter of the exact unknown

Found in the United States, the Rockefeller has a height of 112.60. However, its exact diameter remains unknown.

7. Lauralin 112.62-m

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (7)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: 4.54 m

From the sequioa sempervirens tree species, the Lauralin is the 7th tallest tree on Earth, standing 112.62 meters.

6. Orion – 112.63 m

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (6)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: 4.33 m

For its protection, the location of the Orion is kept a secret. But, its height is measured 112.63 meters.




5. The National Geographic Society – 112.71 m

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (5)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: 4.39 m

When found in 1994, the National Geographic Society was the tallest tree in the world.

4. Stratosphere Giant – 113.11 m

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (4)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: 5.18 m

The Stratosphere Giant was once the tallest tree on Earth. When it was discovered, its height was 113.11. But, according to researchers, it continues to grow.


3. Icarus – 113.14 m

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (3)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: 3.78 m

The Icarus is the third tallest tree, with a height of 113.14 meters.

2. Helios – 114.58 m

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (2)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: 4.96 m

From June 1, 2006 to August 25, 2006, the Helios was named the highest tree on the planet. But, when the rangers discovered the Hyperion, it lost its title.

1. Hyperion – 115.61 m

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (1)

Type: Sequoia sempervirens
Diameter: 4.84 m

First discovered on August 25, 2006, the Hyperion is known as the highest tree in the world.  Its approximate age is about 700 to 800 years.




According to history, the Sequioa Sempervirens, or the redwood tree species, have showed up on the planet’s surface shortly after dinosaurs and before humans. And due to the favorable climatic conditions in their whereabouts, they were able to reach such great heights.


Check out these tall redwood tree species:


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