11 Fashion Accessories Made from Recycled Materials

11 Fashion Accessories Made from Recycled Materials

If you have a handful of unused materials and you don’t want to store them at home, then turn them into something useful—like fashion accessories. Yes, we are talking about making a fashion statement from recycled materials. Turn on your creativity this summer as we give you eleven fashion hacks made of junked goods and trash.

1. Circuit Board Necklace

Found some junk circuit boards in your dad’s trash? Save them; they can make a great fashion statement.

2. Enter Key Ring

Here’s a chic redemption for your broken keyboard. It’s stylish, unique, and captivating.

3. Bottle Cap Necklaces

Next time you open a bottle of beer or soda, keep the caps and turn them into fancy necklaces.

4. Tie Skirt

Those unused ties from your brother’s closet will finally come to life with this tie skirt ensemble that you can use on your casual days or when you need a costume for your kids at school.

5. Paper Bead Bracelet




Got some old glossy magazines at home? Don’t take them to the junk shop yet, in case you run out of bracelets to complement your outfit.

6. Candy Wrapper Bag

If you have a sugar rush, make sure to keep the candy wrappers because you will eventually need them when you need a handy bag for a quick task that needs to be done outside the house.

7. Pocket Fanny Packs

Take off the pockets from your old clothes that could not be salvaged and turn them into waist bags along with your belt.

8. Newspaper Earrings

You just need to have old glossy newspaper rolled, varnish to coat the paper and a pair of hook, and viola, you now have the perfect pair of beauty for your ears!

9. Soda Tab Bracelet

Hard fan of soda? Here’s for you—a unique and quirky bracelet made of soda tabs. Play with the colors and make it a personal statement.

10. Cereal Box Necklace




Rihanna wore a duct tape bracelet during this year’s BET Awards, so why not wear a necklace made out of cereal boxes? It’s more creative, and it doesn’t cost you much.


11. Typewriter Key Bracelet

Typewriter can be a great vintage decoration at home, but if it’s not your thing, don’t throw them yet because those letters from the typewriter is going to give you a huge fashion favor.


Watch the video for tutorials on how to create some of the items above.



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