12 Unique Space-Saving Solutions for Your Tiny House

12 Unique Space-Saving Solutions for Your Tiny House

If you live in a tiny house, one of your usual problems comes with storage. Where do you put all your stuff? How can you squeeze all your daily life essentials into 200 square feet or less?

Dwellers of tiny houses would not live in houses if they have more possessions than house space. But even tiny house dwellers need sufficient space for storage. Here are 12 clever tricks to save space without compromising style in your tiny abodes.

Super-Sneaky Storage Tricks


Leave every nook and cranny in your house – including the space behind your cabinet, under your closer and just below the roof. High in the air and low to the ground are potential storage spaces that are often overlooked.

Hidden Bathroom Storage


When you consider every square inch of space that’s available in your bathroom, you’ll be surprised to know your tiny bathroom has every potential to house all your bathroom essentials. Take this narrow pull-out cabinet, for example. These can pack a lot more than you’d think.

Ultra-Compact Stair Designs


A lofted bedroom is almost, if not always, present in every tiny house. But you don’t have to take too much unnecessary space for just your ladder alone. Just take a look at these space-saving designs for stairs: a narrow wall-mounted stairs, ship-style alternating stairs and steep stairs with built-in storage.

Wall-Mounted Desks


When not in use, it’s a shelf or a storage that barely sticks out from the wall. But pull it out or fold it down and you’ve got a fully functional desk.

Built-In Benches with Storage Below It


One way to save space is to make built-in furniture, just like this built-in benches for your dining area. Even make use of the space underneath it by turning them into pull-out storage for your kitchen wares.

Fold-Up Clothes Drying Racks


Tiny houses could barely afford room for a washer and dryer so this clothes drying rack will serve you best for your hand-washed items. These racks fold up against the wall when not in use and looks like an indoor window.

Drawers and Kitchen Hidden in Stairs


Make your stairs work double-duty – like hosting drawers or even a kitchenette. With these design, you can build your kitchen in your stairs or turn your stairs into a dresser.

Space-Saving Design Details


Of course, mind your details! This clever knife set is one example  of reducing space that various items in your house could take up because even a millimeter would make a difference.

Pockets and Sliding Doors


Swinging doors are definitely a no-no for houses with small spaces. Consider pocket doors instead, or sliding barn-style doors which can add to the aesthetic appeal of your tiny house.

Sliding Loft Ladders


Sliding ladders are another great way to gain access to your lofted bedspace or high storage areas without taking up too much space.

Slide-Out Pantry


Still have some extra space, even just a slim one, beside your refrigerator? Wheeled sliding pantries are easily DIYed. It could even look like a built-in cabinet.

All-in-One Kitchen


At first glance, this looks like any average-sized free-standing cupboard. But if the top doors are open, it reveals an all-in-one kitchen. It could fit a microwave, two-burner stovetop, sink and a mini refrigerator. It has lots of storage, too!

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