13 Clever DIY Backyard and Garden Ideas You Have to Try

13 Clever DIY Backyard and Garden Ideas You Have to Try

From garden tables to yard swings to candle chandeliers—there are pretty clever tricks you can do on your own to create your own dream gardens. Here are DIY garden projects to help you make your backyard and garden area the place of your dreams.

1. Hide your AC unit beautifully!

2. Use coffee beans for your tea lights for perfect outdoor lighting and scent. (Add a hint of vanilla for more aromatic effect.)

3. Here’s a spot garden for your modern garden design.

4. Create a green thumb garden tool organizer.

5. A tree bench that doesn’t harm the tree.




6. Create a welcoming stone and tile pathway through the garden.

7. Place a wooden garden swing where you can sit back and enjoy your books.

8. How about this beautiful wooden pallet garden table.

9. Use your old bricks and old windows to make a mini greenhouse.

10. Make a rustic wooden pallet garden pathway.




11. Don’t waste water by making this DIY rain water barrel.

12. A simple yet beautiful outdoor garden candle chandelier.

13. Learn to recycle the bird bath you have.



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