15 Home Theatre Inspirations

15 Home Theatre Inspirations

Planning to set up a home theatre but don’t know where to start? Stop over thinking for a while and just look at the photos below for inspiration. Once you have a picture of your dream movie room, everything else will fall into places.

Play with the Lights


LED lights make wonders anywhere, take advantage of this technology.

A Home Theatre for the Whole Family


Gather your family and your relatives in one place and enjoy a movie together.

Sleek and Edgy


Play with black and gray hues and keep everything slick and contemporary.

In the Barn


Paint your Wild Wild West adventure into the room with this sunset picture and a barn door to get your adventure started.

Movies and Games

Because taking a break doesn’t only mean watching a movie, it also means game time.

Inside the Space Ship


So you love everything about space crafts, Star Wars, aliens and everything intergalactic related. Then why not make your own space ship?

Outdoor Theatre


Get some fresh air as you watch your favorite movie on your backyard. Just make sure you check the weather forecast ahead of time.

Cave In


Blame the Flintstones family for making a cave home a lovely abode to stay and relax.

Country Home


You don’t have to go out of the city to get that country experience, you just have to play around your space and give it a touch of woods and play with earth tone colors.

Let the Sunshine In

Home theatres seriously don’t have to be close and restricted. Get a little sunshine into the room if it makes your day a little brighter.

Go Green


Add a little glimpse of nature into the room by adding plants or synthetic grasses around.

Up in the Attic


Maximize your space and don’t let your attic go to waste. Give it a makeover and turn it into your little place of luxury and relaxation.

Rustic Room


Experience country life in hardwood floors and wooden walls and add leather furnishings to make it look comfortable and modern.

Keep it Cool


Muted colors and pastels blend well together. Paint it cream and add a touch of pastel for a feminine and soothing movie experience.

Maximize the Space


When you just don’t have a room to set up a luxurious home theatre or a budget for leather seats, you can always let your creativity kick in.


So what style do you think would speak for your personality and essentially perfect for your space at home?


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