15 Super Hero Nail Art Ideas

15 Super Hero Nail Art Ideas

It’s Comic-Con in San Diego and you know what that means. Cosplay party! This annual comic book convention becomes a place for everyone to come show up in their most grandiose costume and show people what it really means to be a comic book fan. From the most colorful hair styles to the attention-grabbing boots, everyone at Comic Con has their own way of catching the attention of spectators at the event.

Although this year’s Comic-Con had to be cancelled because of the continuous spread of coronavirus disease, that does not mean it will never come back. Next year can be different, and by different, we mean all events that had to be cancelled this year will be coming back. And one of them is Comic Book Convention in San Diego. So it is never unreasonable nor is it too early to prepare for the event. Get your outfit ready! Pay your tailor a visit and have your measurements listed so that costume will be ready in no time. Get your makeup and overall look all planned up.

But if you have not prepared your fit yet, worry not, we got your back. Oh, we mean your nails. We have a bunch of nail art inspiration for you below to complete your superhero (or villain) look. Scroll down and find out more.

The Marvels Are Here

And Snoopy Too!

The Dark Knight Rises

With the Bananas!

All your favorite superheroes are here!




Boom! Bang! What?!

So where’s Joker?

Marvel vs. DC

You’ve got some webs!

You’ve got some┬áserious fangs there




It’s pizza time, Ninja Turtles!

Let’s see how well you know the logos


This is what they call “web design”

Batman got a glossy makeover




Check out some nail tutorial videos below on how to pull off the best comic con nail art look:




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