15 Things You’re Never Too Old to Enjoy

15 Things You’re Never Too Old to Enjoy


When I was little, I remember thinking to myself, “I can’t wait to be a grown-up!”. Boy, was I ever wrong!

Back then, I felt that being a kid was hard as there were so many things I couldn’t do because I was “too young”. Looking back on those simpler days, I almost wish I was seven years old again, without a care in the world.

It was pure ecstasy when the only problem I had on my mind was when my next softball game was or who was bringing in cupcakes for their class birthday celebrations. As a kid, you may not notice that much, but you enjoy the smaller aspects of life easier because you don’t know any better.

However, growing up isn’t all that bad as long as you keep your inner child alive. Here are a few activities that you and I should NEVER be “too old” to enjoy:

1. Disney Movies

This is number one for a reason. There should never be a time in your life when you should turn down the opportunity to curl up and watch a good ol’ fashioned Disney movie. The songs, the characters, and the story lines will have you taking a trip down memory lane every time you pop one in the DVD player (or if you’re super old school, the VCR). You will be amazed at how you might forget your keys at least once a week, but still remember all the words to Aladdin‘s “A Whole New World”.

2. Going to the Zoo

Face it, going to the zoo when you’re a kid was sometimes a little bit scary, sometimes a little bit boring, and sometimes just way too much walking around. Yeah, you got to see elephants, lions, and all those animals you’re familiar with, but were you excited to go to the bird exhibit? Or to watch some of the really educational shows they had on schedule that day? Probably not. As an adult, you get to enjoy the finer qualities of the zoo. The exotic animals, their habitats, the plant life…and, oh yeah, there is the booze.

3. Dancing in Front of the Mirror

Lets just hope you’re a little better at it than this chick. When we were little, all of us, at one time or another stood in front of our mirrors with our favorite song on, singing into a hairbrush and dancing our hearts out. Back then, it was just something we did for fun. As an adult, dancing in front of the mirror can help raise your confidence, minimize stress, and of course, help you exercise. Those are three things that a younger you would never even think about.

4. Naps

One of the greatest parts about being a little kid – NAPS. Yes, there are designated times throughout the entire day where you get to just go to sleep. When we were little, nap time was usually the worst time because it took away from play time.

However, as an adult with a job, bills, and over-packed schedules, there is just no time to squeeze in a quick 30-minute slumber. Studies do show that adults who engage in quick naps throughout their days are less stressed, more focused, and have more energy. With that being said… ZZZzzzZZZzz…

5. Watching Fireworks

Watching fireworks is another activity that was cool, but a bit scary when we were smaller. Usually we  got to watch them on the 4th of July or at a BBQ, but most of the time, they were loud and kind of intense. As an adult, we learn to appreciate the moment of beauty as we watch them explode in the air. There are two things you should never miss out on: a good fireworks show and a sunset. Both will make your inner child smile.


6. Traveling

Traveling is one of the coolest parts about being a grown up. You can literally get up and go anywhere you want at any given time, granted you have the money and free space in your schedule. When we were little, traveling was usually a pain in the ass. A lot of waiting in lines, long plane rides, and lame activities with your family. As an adult, you get to enjoy the freedom, beauty, and knowledge you can gain from visiting a different place.

7. Getting Packages in the Mail

I think we can all agree that when a box shows up in your mailbox or on your doorstep, it feels like Christmas. Even if you remember where the box came from, the excitement of being greeted with a package will never subside. It’s even more awesome getting a package now because of all the technology we, as adults, have succumbed to using. We are so used to just hearing a Ding! or a Buzz! to let us know we’ve received a text or an e-mail, but there’s nothing like hearing the doorbell and then seeing a UPS driver with a mysterious box of goodies.

8.  Homecooked Food

This might not be number one, but it’s definitely the most important. When we were little, all we wanted to do was eat junk food in our rooms with our hands. Let’s be real, as an adult, you still want to do that but only after a few glasses of wine.

When we were kids, we never appreciated the home-cooked meals our moms slaved away all day to make for us. After growing up and moving out though, you realize that cooking for yourself isn’t all that easy or fun. You end up reminiscing about those times when all you had to do was wait for your mom to yell, “DINNER!” and you’d run to the dining room to see a full feast on the table. THOSE were the days, ey?

9. Board Games

Board games are playtime staples for any kid. From Monopoly to Clue to Operation, there was a little something for everyone. When we were younger, the rules didn’t matter. All that matters was that we were having a good time with our friends. Every once in a while a normal game of Life might turn into an argument, but we always resolved it over a Popsicle.

As an adult, we find ourselves organizing “game nights” for ourselves and our other adult friends to revisit the nostalgia of board games. When you crack open that box and pull out all the pieces for the first time, you’ll remember why this activity was one of your favorites.

10. Learning Something New

You know what they say, “you’re never too old for knowledge”? It’s true. Of course, we are urged to learn as many things as possible, while we’re young. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn something new as an adult or even when you’re already a senior citizen.

Remember to never use your age as a factor when considering about picking up a new hobby or learning a new trait. Be confident and brave and never be afraid to try anything new.


11. Baby Animals

EVERYONE LOVES BABY THINGS! Kittens, puppies, actual babies – they’re all so cute. When we were kids, we usually were baffled by these little tiny creatures because we, ourselves, were also tiny creatures. However, as you grow older, you must have noticed that every time you or your grown friend sees a cute puppy or a very adorable baby, you instantly become 10 again and start oogling over the little thing. That’s okay, though, because babies are always going to be around, so you can feel forever young.

12. Singing in the Shower

You might not have gotten an A in chorus in grade school, but you bet your behind you can sing your face off once you are already 10 minutes into a nice steamy shower. Am I right? As kids, we kind of just sang all the time. Even if it wasn’t a real song or the lyrics weren’t correct, we sang it.

Little did you know that 20 years later, you’d still be belting out hits into the shower head like you were on stage for your American Idol auditions. Believe it or not, studies show that singing out loud in the shower can reduce stress, anxiety, and frustration and can also help give you better confidence. So, get to singing.

13. Date Nights

When we were kids, going out on dates was a gross concept. Ew, kissing? Ew, holding hands? EW, SEX?! But, as we got older we realized that dating was a very important part of life.

As teens, we all got so nervous over going on our very first real date and then, as grown ups, we made sure that each date was more special than the last. That is a tradition that should never die. Even if you’re 50, 60, 70, or even 80, it’s always important to carve out a special little portion of your schedule to hang out with your significant other and do something fun together.

14.  Going to Sporting Events 

Going to games as a kid = FOOD.
Going to games as an adult = FOOD and BEER.

15. Amusement Parks

As a kid, going amusement parks were such an epic treat. We got to take off school, ride roller coasters, play games, and eat tons of junk food. Why would you want that tradition to end?

Finally, as an adult, not only are you able to enjoy the finer parts of the park like the better food, the shows, and the people watching, but you got to get on the “big kid” roller coasters you were denied when you were under 5 feet tall…and, oh yeah, there is the booze.

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