Photos of Young People Helping the Elderly

Photos of Young People Helping the Elderly

At an age where chaos is a trend, our chances of seeing people helping each other have become so rare. But, this doesn’t mean that they are nonexistent. Random acts of kindness may be scarce, but they never fail to amaze us. Here are photos and stories of people helping the elderly.

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A volunteer teen gives a gift to a bed-ridden lady

Elizabeth Reed, 13, was among volunteers who delivered Christmas in June bags to hospice patientsin Alabama, US. Here, she visits Nola White, who can no longer speak or care for herself because of colon cancer, and White's daughter, Janice Hornbuckle. (DAILY Photo by Dan Henry)

Elizabeth Reed, 13, was among volunteers who delivered Christmas in June bags to hospice patients in Alabama, USA. Here, she visits Nola White, who can no longer speak or care for herself because of colon cancer. Together with her was White’s daughter, Janice Hornbuckle.

A grocery store employee ties the shoelace of an old shopper



A kind-hearted employee at a Florida grocery store won over the hearts of thousands online after recently going out of his way to help an elderly shopper.

The adorable and heartwarming incident happened at a Publix store in Ormond Beach, when an employee named Gage generously got down and tied the shoelace of an older man who was doing his weekly shopping.

Gage’s random act of kindness was spotted by another shopper, Keith Kiel, who captured the moment and was so impressed that he posted it on the store’s Facebook page as a tribute to the young man’s kindness.

A young volunteer tries to make an old lady smile

REACHING OUT: A volunteer helps a disabled and elderly person in Ecuador. (Photo: UNV)
A young volunteer makes an elderly lady smile, while visiting her at a home for the aged in Ecuador.

A young dude helps a woman cross the street

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A young man was spotted helping an elderly lady cross the road at Bukit Panjang 

This guy offers his back for an old lady to sit on


A young man named Cesar Larios turned himself into a human chair to help an elderly woman, after the two were trapped in an elevator for over an hour.

When the elevator stopped moving, Larios generously allowed the 79-year old elderly woman named Rita Young  to use his back as a chair because she wasn’t able to stand for too long. He promised the woman that he was there for her and that he was going to take care of her, so she would not panic or be afraid. Larios says he “felt like it was the right thing to do”.  An image showing Rita sitting on Larios’ back had since gone viral.

Larios, an employee at the College Hunks Hauling Junk, was doing a pickup at a senior living home when he and his co-worker became stuck in the elevator along with Young. After the photo was posted on Facebook with the caption, “We’ll bend over backward for you”, Larios’ boss released the following statement:

“I think what’s great about it is that it’s a genuine moment caught on camera. A lot of people say the younger generation has lost certain values. But one small picture shows that chivalry and hard work are still very much alive in our youth.”

This man stops what he’s doing to help an elderly man

Stranger captures heartwarming act of kindness by restaurant worker
An employee at a pizza joint in East Cobb, Georgia, was at work one day when he looked out the front window and saw an elderly man struggling to cross the street . The young man dropped what he was doing and ran to his aid. Someone around caught it on tape, and the clip has gone viral for all the right reasons. You can watch the whole thing below, and try to keep off the waterworks.

A fast-food restaurant employee walks an old woman back to her car

Kailen Young, 17, was rewarded by Hardee's with a $1,000 check   after his kind act went viral online.[dfp2]

A Tennessee teen, who works at a fast-food restaurant, became a social media hit after he was caught on camera helping an older woman back to her car. Kailen Young, 17, was cleaning windows at Hardee’s when he carried out his gesture of kindness. When he spotted Bobbi Clare, a frail elderly lady using a cane, Young stopped what he was doing, took her by the hand, and led her safely to her car.

The selfless gesture was captured in a photo by another customer, David Yardley. He posted the picture on Hardee’s Facebook page, where it has been “liked” more than 17,000 times. Young has even received praise from across the globe for his lovely gesture. One Facebook user, Yerri Guy, wrote, “Shared all the way in Australia! Tell this young man he is a hero! In this world of so much negativity, it is uplifting to see that we haven’t lost touch with humanity! Here’s hoping that someone in Hardee’s head office sees this pic, and this young man is rewarded for his amazing representation of this company!” And, that is exactly what happened.

Young was rewarded. He received a $1,000 check from the company to show their appreciation. Young, however, said he was slightly taken aback by the response to his actions. “Some people say they view it as rare, and I was surprised by that, because it’s just a normal thing for me.”

However, Clare said the young man’s actions meant so much to her. “I felt a little touch of heaven, that kindness and goodness in the world. We need that so much, don’t we?”

An Everton fan helps an old Liverpool fan

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A young Everton fan helps an elderly Liverpool fan down the steps of a Merseyside Derby.

A guy took an old woman back to her car under the pouring rain

A young bagger at a North Carolina grocery store was caught on camera helping an older woman to her car in the pouring rain. Now it’s going viral.

“I asked her if I could help her out, and she said no a couple of times, said I don’t want you getting wet,” Aaron Sanders told reporters. “And I just said I prefer if I helped you out. And then she said okay.”

But, the random act of kindness didn’t keep Aaron dry. As soon as she got into her car, the umbrella flipped inside out, leaving him soaking wet.

He returned to the store, drenched, but was greeted with applause from other customers.

Cousins helps an old lady they spotted on the street

An 87-year-old woman is calling two teens heroes for coming to her rescue after the mobility scooter she was riding slipped off the side of the footpath and landed on top of her.

Gloria Hassan said she was heading back to her room at Bethsaida Retirement Village in Litchfield Street after visiting her husband, who lives round the corner on Weld Street in another part of the village when it happened. The wheel of her scooter slipped off the side of the footpath. She was thrown from the scooter, as the machine rolled and eventually landed on top of her. “Not a soul was about,” she said.

She could not get up on her own and was lying on the grass for what seemed to be about half an hour before cousins Tevita Kaloni, 14, and Petelo Kaloni, 13, discovered her on their way home from Marlborough Boys’ College.

“They’re young gentlemen—I don’t call them boys any more,” she said. “They were scared stiff and frightened, but they had the courage to help an elderly woman.”

Petelo said he and Tevita did not think twice about helping the elderly woman. Mrs. Hassan, who has artificial knee and hips joints, thankfully was not injured in the fall.

Mrs. Hassan was so thankful she wrote a letter of excellence to Marlborough Boys’ College principal, Wayne Hegarty, and gave them each a $5 reward. When The Marlborough Express spoke to Petelo’s mother, she said he did not tell her about the incident. “It’s like a thousand dollars to me that they would do something like that,” she said.

Mrs. Hassan’s husband, Lawrie, said the two young men did a spectacular job.

A motorcyclist risks his safety to help a blind man cross the street

A motorcyclist with a helmet camera saw an elderly blind man trying to cross the street. He noticed that the man didn’t seem to realize the danger he was in. So, he risked his own safety, and the anger of other motorists and zoomed over to help the elderly man.

He positioned himself between the man and the oncoming traffic, so that the old man could cross the road safely.

A police officer helps an old man carry his shopping bags home

This heart-warming picture of a police officer helping an elderly man went viral. PC Chris Stevens saw the elderly man and assisted him with his heavy bags in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire. The elderly man had ridden the wrong bus and was faced with a long walk home.

The Northamptonshire Police posted the image, taken by a passer-by, on their Facebook page and it quickly spread. PC Stevens says any of his colleagues would have done the same thing. He also complimented the man he assisted saying, “ultimately though the most recognition needs to go to the lovely man who despite being 83-years-old manages to catch the bus into town and bring his shopping home to his wife”.

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