17 Magnificent Metro Stations From Around The Globe

17 Magnificent Metro Stations From Around The Globe

If you have ever been in New York City, it would not be a surprise to see such a cruddy and dingy environment filled with different people hustling their way through their destination. The dark and murky interior of the subway stations is a big turn off for many commuters, especially to those who are extremely germaphobic.

However, not all metro stations in the world are alike the famous New York subways. Most of them are fashioned in a way that it wold inspire the people to commute through public transportation. It doesn’t need any advertisement as the place itself would certainly be a feast for your eyes. Now, you can really travel in style.

Behold some of the world’s most elegant stations that will encourage you to take public transport daily.

1. Moscow, Russia

2. Dubai, UAE

3. Naples, Italy

University of Naples has transformed the Naples Metro Station with the help of artist Karim Rashid in their project “Art Station” Series.

One of the most vibrant parts of the project is the Toledo Station on Line 1, which displays a trippy look with its splattered design.

Meanwhile, Materdei Station in Piazza Scipione Ammirato will surround you with art brough to you by Sol Lewitt.

4.  Washington D.C., USA

Washington D.C.’s Gallery Place Station in Chinatown has been a daily convergence of heavy mass of commuters who use Red, Green, and Yellow lines.

Union Station, meanwhile, receives an average of 32 million people annually, since its opening in 1907.

Metro Center Station is the center of both the D.C. area rapid-transit system and downtown Washington.

5.  Shanghai, China

The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in China will take you into a magical trip with its vibrant subway walls.




6.  Kiev, Ukraine

Built in 1991, the Zoloti Vorota Station is designed after ancient architecture, while mosaics of what has been considered by Kiev’s Department of Cultural Heritage to be “newly discovered objects of cultural heritage” adorn the entire station.

For almost 30 years, Lybidska Station served as the dead-end of the Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska Line, until it was extended further south four years ago.

Palats Ukrayina Station was the last station built on the Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska Line in 1984.

7.  Paris, France

With the artistic hands of the Belgian comic book artist François Schuiten, Arts et Métiers (Arts and Crafts) Station has been washed with a steampunk look since 1994.


8.  Pyongyang, North Korea

The iconic Yonggwang “Glory” Station in Pyongyand has been dazzling the commuters with pillars that resemble torches of exploding fireworks and galaxies in the night sky.


9.  Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Central Park Station of the Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit System will give you a spring season feel any time of the year.

Formosa Boulevard Station is best-known for The Dome of Light which has undergone an urban revival in preparation for the World Games in 2009. It was also considered as the largest glass work in the world.

10.  Tokyo, Japan

Iidabashi Station has been serving daily commuters since its operation in 1928, and is said to be an excellent example of Japanese alternative architecture.



11.  Prague, Czech Republic

Located in Prague’s renowned A Line, the Flora Station was built in 1980, and it reach an estimated construction budget of $11.5 million.

Hradčanská is considered as a part of the oldest stretch of Line A in Prague Castle, the residence of Czech Republic residence.

The deepest station in both Prague and the European Union, the Náměstí Míru station, is only accessible via the longest escalator in Europe (to 173.8 vertical feet below street level).

12.  Barcelona, Spain

One of the closest stations to the Mediterranean Sea in the city, the Drassanes Station had undergone a major facelift last 2007 which gives it a Space Odyssey feel.


13.  Munich, Germany

Westfriedhof Station is one of the metro-attractions in Germany due to its 12-foot lamps suspending from its ceiling. Located along the U1 Line of Munich’s U-Bahn, the glow of each lamp emanates an eerie effect.

Since its opening in 1997 Candidplatz Station on the U1 Line was adorned with colors that will make you think that you are riding a rainbow instead of an ordinary subway in U-Bahn.

Situated in the U-Bahn and S-Bahn intersection, Marienplatz Station has been remodeled from 2003 to 2006 due to the increased traffic in the area. Now the station has a whole new futuristic touch.

14.  St. Petersburg, Russia

Kirovsky Zavod on Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya Line 1 is one of the oldest stations in the St. Petersburg Metro System.

Narvskaya station has provided a magnificent view for the commuters since its opening in 1955 with its neoclassical marble and bronze façade.

The Avtovo Station, endcap of the oldest line in the St. Petersburg Metro System, has been considered as an archetypal example of a “shallow column station”.

15.  Montreal, Canada

Papineau Station is the 13th deepest station in the Montreal Metro’s rapid transit Green Line network (at almost 71 feet below street level).

To access Montreal City Hall, Champ-de-Mars Station on the Orange Line is the right track. It is one of the original metro stations that opened in 1966.

In 1984, Namur Station was opened with a marvelous large geometric light-sculpture centerpiece made by artist Pierre Granche from Quebec.




16.  Lisbon, Portugal

Olaias Station on Lisbon Metro’s Red Line was operated in 1998. Its artistic ambiance gives the passengers an aesthetic experience in the world.


17.  Stockholm, Sweden

Solna (or Solna centrum) Station on Stockholm Metro Line 11 has been popular on the worldwide Web due to its simple yet haunting design.

Kungsträdgården Station is situated at the end of Stockholm Metro’s 10 and 11 lines. The station still reflects the artifacts and remnants of Swedish architecture that was torn down during the 50s and 60s.

T-Centralen Station (Tunnelbana Centralen, or Central Underground) is the main hub of the whole Stockholm Metro system.

Other Notable Metro Stations Around the Globe:

Old City Hall Station (New York, USA)

Museum Station (Toronto, Canada)

Alisher Navoi Metro Station (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

Bockenheimer Warte Station (Frankfurt, Germany)

Plac Wilsona Station (Warsaw, Poland)

Heidelberger Platz Station (Berlin, Germany)

O’hare Station (Chicago, USA)

Station Hyllie (Malmö, Sweden)


Canary Wharf Station (London, UK)

Universidad de Chile Station (Santiago, Chile)

Expo MRT Station (Singapore)


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