18 Street Ads That Take Advertising to The Next Leb

18 Street Ads That Take Advertising to The Next Leb

Television commercials, web and print ads, and billboards are some of the traditional ways of advertisement. But there is also a unique kind of advertising where you would be shocked and amused with the creativity of the design and the clever placement of the ad scattered across the most populated corners and streets.

Street advertising, as it is called, can be found almost anywhere, usually in the most unexpected places where they are exposed to the public eye. The idea is to use and manipulate the surrounding to coincide with the product that you are trying to sell in the most cunning way you can think of. The result of these ads naturally creates a huge impact on the perspective of the viewers.

Below are some examples of street ads that will make you freeze in your tracks as you admire the ingenuity of their design. The art directors of these eighteen campaigns truly deserve commendation.

1.  Coca-Cola

2.  KitKat

kitkat bench

3.  Law & Order Ad

4.  Mars

5.  IBM




6.  Homer eating donuts for The Simpsons movie launch


7.  Adidas

8.  Nike

9.  McDonald’s

10.  Ariel




11. The Copenhagen Zoo

12. IKEA

13. Hubba Bubba

Hubba Bubba: The longest chewing gum ever

14. The Economist

15. Folgers




16.  Superman Elevator

17.  Sprite

18.  IWC Schaffhausen


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