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Real-Life ‘Christine’: 1964 Dodge Dubbed the ‘Golden Eagle’ Named the Most Evil Car in America

Everybody loves the work of author Stephen King. One of his most famous novels was Christine, which centered on a vintage automobile that was possessed by supernatural forces. Now the plot shouldn’t be so surprising especially considering how well-known King is for his unconventional subjects. But what if you found out that a demonic vehicle actually existed in real life?

Read more about Golden Eagle, the 1964 Dodge that gained notoriety for being the world’s most evil car.

The Golden Eagle: ‘Evil’ Car That Murdered 14 People

The Golden Eagle was a 1964 Dodge Limited Edition. Many have considered the car as haunted, earning itself the title the “most evil car in America.” Its story started when it was purchased as a police car for a unit based in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. All three officers who drove the car died in unexplained murder-suicides, brutally murdering their families and themselves.

Not long after, the car went to the hands of Wendy Allen and her family where it would begin its second wave of terror. The Golden Eagle would randomly open its doors while out on the highway, jam the steering wheel, and would put the family in other life-threatening situations. Strangely, even though the situations were alarming, the Allens never did experience the same amount of violence that the Golden Eagle inflicted upon its other victims.

According to Wendy Allen, the Golden Eagle had killed 14 people, but many have disputed that the number is actually much higher than that. Sometime between the 1980s and 1990s, rumors about the killer car began to spread. It prompted members of local churches to vandalize the car out of fear that it would murder again. But their efforts backfired and the individuals involved found themselves on the receiving end of the Golden Eagle’s wrath. According to stories, some members of the said group died after being decapitated by 18-wheeler trucks. Others passed away from even stranger circumstances such as being struck by lightning.

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Golden Eagle

Perhaps the most disturbing case connected to the Golden Eagle was the deaths involving children. On separate cases that happened during the sixties and eighties, two kids were violently hit by cars and landed on the hood of the Golden Eagle. Before paramedics could reach the scene, both victims were already dead.

The stories would get even more sinister from there. A 2007 case claims that a child who merely touched the car ended up killing his entire family before burning down his home to the ground. Recently, a church group has stepped up and claimed that there was a demon inhabiting the Golden Eagle. They took action by stealing the car, chopping it up, then distributing each piece to junkyards. Wendy Allen pleaded online to have her beloved family car returned to her. Although it wasn’t exactly the way it used to be, Allen was able to retrieve most of the car’s parts.

But Wendy and her family would continue to experience scrutiny after that. In fact, she was labeled by the same church group as “The Sea Witch of Old Orchard Beach” and was accused of using dark magic to curse her vehicle. But she’s always shrugged off the comments, claiming that “people are reading too much into the things that have happened to people around the car.”

Do you agree with Wendy? Or do you think that the Golden Eagle was truly evil?

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