Second Baby Appear In Ultrasound

Meet the Woman Who Got Pregnant TWICE in Only 10 Days

In November 2016, news emerged about an Australian woman giving birth to twins conceived just ten days apart. The rare case of the mother getting pregnant twice in less than two weeks baffled medical professionals everywhere. To make matters even more interesting, the woman had been previously diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, meaning her body doesn’t ovulate like most bodies do. But after undergoing hormonal treatment, she and her husband were met with shocking results.

Woman Becomes Pregnant Twice in 10 Days!

Kate Hill and husband Peter are definitely one of a kind. The couple from Brisbane, Australia, conceived their daughters 10 days apart. Their case is part of a rare medical phenomenon called superfetation, which has only 10 confirmed human cases around the world.

It is a scientific fact that ovulation stops during pregnancy, and it won’t begin until after the baby is out of the womb. So it was only natural for this miracle pregnancy story to become viral. Several news agencies began to pick up, including BBC and the Huffington Post, making Peter and Kate viral stars.

Peter and Kate’s story, however, started out with heartbreak. In 2006, Kate was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, a condition characterized by an imbalance in the levels of estrogen and progesterone. This leads to the growth of benign masses on the ovaries, which consequently alters the woman’s menstrual cycle, cardiac function, and fertility.

In a bid to conceive a child of tjheir own, Kate and Peter turned to hormone therapy to help them get pregnant. Not long after, the loving couple discovered that they were pregnant with twins!

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Pregnant Twice

Sadly, one of the babies failed to develop. Though the pain of losing their baby ran deep, Kate and Peter held onto hope that their newborn would get to meet the sibling that was staying strong inside her mom’s womb.

But ten days later, the couple was in for a surprise. When they visited the doctors for another ultrasound, Kate learned she conceived yet again while pregnant with her daughter. In other words, she got pregnant while already carrying a child!

According to reports, Kate and Peter had intercourse only once during that time, but his sperm stayed alive for ten days to fertilize the second egg that she released. Their attending obstetrician, Dr. Brad Armstrong of Greenslopes Private Hospital, was shocked with his finding, adding that it was his first time to ever handle a superfetation case in his entire career.

Twin girls Charlotte and Olivia were born in December 2016 via cesarean section. Once the girls grow up, their parents have quite the story to tell!

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