Top 20 Astounding Truths About Twins

Top 20 Astounding Truths About Twins

For those who doesn’t have a twin brother or sister, you may be wondering what it’s like to have one. Twins are known to have that special connection between them that others cannot simply comprehend — something that only them can understand.

Cool, right? Well, these facts are meant to enlighten you certain topics about twins which will make you say that having a twin is cooler than you thought.

Nigeria has the highest rate of multiple births and identical twins all over the world.


China has the lowest multiple birth rate.

A woman gave birth to 69 children.


At the age of 40, she had 16 twins, 7 triplets and 4 quadruplets. She died at the age of 93 in 2010.

The average birth weight for a twin is 5 pounds and 5 ounces.


Polar bears usually give birth to twins all the time.


They seldom deliver single cubs or triplets.

Most twins are left-handed.


22 % percent of them are left-handed, while 10% of those without twins are.

A theory has even been developed that left-handed people are possible to give birth to twins.




Quatenary Marriages


Quaternary marriages is the term coined for two sets of identical twins of the opposite sex get married.

The children of the pair of identical male twins and a pair of identical female twins will considered by the law to be cousins. However, they are fully genetic siblings.

Male twins are unlikely to have twins, unless their wives can produce two eggs.


Fraternal twins are more likely to be delivered by a female if she is a fraternal twin herself, or has already had a history of giving birth to fraternal twins.

Bipaternal Twins

Marion Loretta Broderick and Tabitha Broderick carry monogrammed bags to school in NYC

It is possible for a pair of twins to have different fathers; only the chances of this occurring is 1:400.

Twins have the ability to interact with each other while in the womb.


When the twins reach their 14 weeks in the womb, they can reach one another, while on the 18th week, they can touch one another more than they touch themselves.

Twins are able to make up their own language.


Twins have the ability to develop their own language through speech patterns in the absence of adults. However, the language disperses once they learn their actual native tongue.




Older women tend to have twin pregnancy.


The chances of that happening is increased by maternal age due to the increase of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH).

By the age of 35, the hormone increases the chances for a woman to develop twins. Ironically, it also declines the woman’s fertility.

Twins also have identical odors.


Twins share everything from DNA to their scents. They are indistinguishable to us humans, but a dog can be trained to tell one from the other.

A couple got married without knowing

that they are twins.

Sarah and Aidan's Wedding at Hebron and Ellingham Hall

In UK, a couple discovered that they were their long lost twin. They were adopted by different families, and they found each other. They eventually got married, and it was only in 2008 when they realized that they were, in fact, twins.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twins.


They may look like identical, but they are actually fraternal twins. While they may look monozygotic (identical), they don’t share the same DNA.

Dairy can cause twins.


Dairy increases the chances of developing twins on women.

Yams also have the same effect.

The highest rate of twins in the USA is in Massachusetts.


Five out of 100 who reside in Massachusetts are twins.

Identical twins don’t share identical fingerprints.


Fingerprints are formed only after the separation of embryos in the mother’s womb.

Ernest Hemingway’s mother dreamt of having twins.


His mother would dress him in his sister’s clothes, and call him “Ernestine” to fulfill her fantasy of having twins.She would also call both of them “sweet Dutch dollies”.

On the picture below was their family, and Marcelline was on the leftmost side, while Ernest is on the right.

The orginal “Siamese Twins”


Eng and Chang Bunker were never separated since birth. Even though, they fathered 21 children. Now, they hav mor than 1,500 descendants.

The Olsen twins had to wear fake teeth in the set of ‘Full House’


As they age, their smiles became different from each other as they are losing teeth at dissimilar rates. Full House had decided to let them wear set of fake teeth to produce identical smiles for the episodes.

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