20 Hilarious Memes Only a History Buff Will Understand

20 Hilarious Memes Only a History Buff Will Understand

With more than a decade of going to school, sitting on the chair, and staring at the professor but without understanding anything, we all have those days when we just scream and wish everything’s over. And at the end of the day, we come up a list of subjects we hate dealing with. Most of us hate Math because numbers are hard to spend a day with, but some also hate History because dates and names cannot be a good friend.

But there are actually perks of being a history buff. Aside from perhaps completing a crossword puzzle about the Civil War, there are a few things that only a history lover will understand . . . and they are all captured in these twenty photos.

“Door-to-Door Evangelism” (If You Know What I Mean)

And this accurate meme referencing the crusades:

Of Course You Don’t, Vlad

This perfect Impaler meme:

The Salad We All Want to Stab

This salad dressing being stabbed by its friends:



Hitler Wins




No Parties, Says Washington



Of Corsican

This question and answer with a pun:


Because She’s the “Austrian Woman”

This flawless Mean Girls reference:

Most Likely to Secede

This accurate class superlative:

A Historian’s Pickup Line

This clever pickup line:




You Wouldn’t Want to Play with Him

Egyptian Meme



This Sign Though

This sign advertising tutors in a college hall:

When You Have a Crush . . .

The Classic Pun





Where Taylor Swift Based Her Song

These lyrics from Taylor Swift reworked for Henry:

The Real Abundance of Katherines

This new and improved YA novel by John Green:

Yes, That’s Why



What Does Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda Have to Say Now


Napoleon’s Design Skills

This observation about Napoleon's design skills:

If you’re a history buff, you must have gone ROFL now. If you didn’t, call a friend, dude. You just missed twenty jokes.


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