20 of the Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails

20 of the Worst Celebrity Makeup Fails


Even celebrities are not fail-proof when it comes to makeup. Some of them may have dedicated makeup artists before they step on the red carpet to make sure they look their best, but for some reasons, they are not getting it right. Some went a little heavy on the foundation while others tried to make bold makeup statement that just didn’t make the cut.

There is no doubt that makeup makes women more beautiful. But while it is supposed to enhance one’s beauty, makeup can also ruin your whole look when not applied proportionately. Check out these A-listers in Hollywood who failed big time with their makeup choices.

1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is definitely having a hard time fixing the mess she has been through, and the mess she got herself into with her foundation.


2. Drew Barrymore

Adorable Drew just bumped into a pack of flour on her way to the red carpet.



3. Courtney Love

Too much glitters result to bruised eyes, lesson learned from Courtney.


4. January Jones

Black Swan just got real.



5. Kelly Osbourne

Fashion Police host Kelly Osbourne needs to be arrested, everything about her makeup is so wrong.







6. AnnaLynne McCord

Too much bronze is just so unnatural.


7. Kesha

Kesha would look better wearing a mask than wearing this eye makeup.


8. Miley Cyrus

Dear Miley, please don’t leave you chin undone.


9.Nicole Kidman

Somebody must have played prank with Nicole Kidman and changed her foundation into chalk powders.


10. Angelina Jolie

And here’s another victim from the chalk powder prank.






11. Eva Longoria

We would rather stare on her eye bugs than this one.


12. Pamela Anderson

Is Pamela Anderson trying to scare the public away?


13. Tyra Banks

Tyra, your smize won’t work with heavy eye colors.


14. Teresa Palmer

Can somebody just please arrest those pranksters who changed face powders with chalk talc?


15. Lady Gaga

What else do you expect from Lady Gaga?






16. Leighton Meester

Sweet Gossip Girl wants to join the next America’s Horror Story series and be the vampire.


17. Lark Voorhies

She’s just getting uneven sun burns on her face, or is she?


18. Lily Allen

Glowing eyes are the scariest.



19. Ashley Judd

After how many years in the entertainment industry, Ashley Judd never seems to learn a thing about makeup.


20. Paz de la Huerta

She is getting weird tans from her last vacation along with crazy beach waves on her tresses.


Learn from these celebrities when it comes to makeup if you don’t want to end up like a drag queen on your black tie affairs. Want more?






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