20 Photos of Little and Adorable Bulldogs

20 Photos of Little and Adorable Bulldogs

As the official mascot of the United States Marine Corps, bulldogs are quite friendly, despite the military association and a formidable name. They are very affectionate creatures.

Bulldogs are so adorable that April 21st was even announced as the “Bulldogs are Beautiful Day”.

Historically, their name came around 1500s during the sport of bull baiting. Dogs were set on a tethered bull. The canines’ role in the sport is that they are to take the bull down. The spectators would place bet on which dog can achieve the feat.

But how can a little dog take the humongous bull down? By its nose, of course!

However in today’s world, bulldogs are considered harmless and cute. Who would have thought that they used to take a whole bull down?

Look at these 20 photos to believe the notion.





















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