21 of the Greatest Selfie Ever Taken!

21 of the Greatest Selfie Ever Taken!

Nowadays, it seems like EVERYONE is battling it out to take the best selfie! Whether its the most perfectly timed, best location or funniest scenario, you better believe that these people have already nailed the art of taking a picture of ones self.

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1. The first Instagram post from space!

2. Ellen Degeneres and her besties take a star studded selfies!

3. The Selfie within a Selfies within a Selfie… Yes, it’s Inselfieception

4. The hottest selfies ever… literally

5. This dude a TV selfie.


6. Joe Biden’s 1st selfies with a semi-famous friend of his.

7. His plane was on fire so he took a selfie. Not my first choice in that situation but to each their own.

8. The Justin Bieber selfie!

9. The “We Just Won The World Cup” Selfie!

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10. This kid who snuck up on Warren Buffet and a Beatle and snapped a selfie!

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