21 Years Ago this Girl Changed the Way the Medical World Views Human Connection

21 Years Ago this Girl Changed the Way the Medical World Views Human Connection

Brielle and Kyrie Jackson have grown to become an urban legend since they were born on October 17, 1995. Their story was considered an inspirational pill to the social world ever since it went viral 21 years ago. Almost everyone has read articles about them or seen the twins’ photo where one was hugging the other.

Since the twins were born twelve weeks earlier than the expected date, they were too weak to survive, if not given further medical assistance. On November 10, while Kyrie grew in weight every day, her twin sister Brielle weighed only 2 lbs, weakened, and incurred so many health problems that the doctors needed to incubate her separately from Kyrie to give ample care.


Brielle was in a critical condition, which almost led to her death. Her pulse became too high, and her skin turned grayish-blue. Conventional medical treatment had nearly failed that doctors believed there was little to no hope.




Despite the hospital’s protocol, nurse Gayle Kasparian trusted the miracle of the newborns’ human connection and snuggled the twin together in an incubator. Little Kyrie then wrapped her left arm around Brielle. The delicate twin sister’s pulse then returned to normal as she felt Kyrie’s rescuing hug.

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The twin’s story of a “rescuing hug” was known by people all over the world as it proved just how strong human connection is. Since then, doctors started to co-bed premature multiple babies.

Kyrie and Brielle grew up to be very close years after the incident. Even their parents, Paul and Heidi Jackson, are witnesses to the loyal team the twins have created.




Watch the heartwarming video below.