25 Modern House Designs That Will Make Your Abode Cozier

25 Modern House Designs That Will Make Your Abode Cozier


Clichéd as it may sound, but the saying “There’s no place like home” will forever hold true. After a busy and tedious day at work, the best rest one can get always happens at his house. And more than a food-filled refrigerator and comfortable bed, the right location, size, and design of one’s house will make it cozier.

And just like language, house designs changes; it is dynamic that way. Architects do not want our homes to stay just the way they are. To give an idea, here are twenty-five of the most modern house designs ever erected.

Minimalist modern facade
Brighton Townhouses | Martin Friedrich Architects
Stunning modern facade
Chenglu Villa | gad Architects
Huge luxury California Home
1232 Sunset Plaza Dr
Small minimalistic home
Shakin Stevens House | Matt Gibson Architecture and Design
Large modern home in the desert
Tresarca | assemblageSTUDIO
Black home and grass stairs
Concrete House | A-Cero
Elegant luxury modern home
Sarbonne Road Residence | McClean Design




Extreme shape of modern home
A House Forever | Longhi Architects
Home with green roofs
Sky Garden House | Guz Architects
Modern home with the ocean view
Nettleton 198 | SAOTA
Black home with blue lit swimming pool
Wandana Residence | James Deans and Associates
Large swimming pool and modern facade
Dakar Sow House | SAOTA
Contemporary facade  at night
Villa CView | Firefly Collection




Modern white facade and car
Villa Chameleon
Minimalist pavilion house
The Glass Pavilion | Steve Hermann
Modern facade and outdoor fireplace
Laurel Way Residence | Whipple Russell
Modern glass facade
Razor Residence | Wallace E. Cunningham
Futuristic modern home
H3 | 314 Architecture Studio
Green vegetation all over the home
The Wall House | FARM




Futuristic modern home
Dupli Casa | J. Mayer H. Architects
Elegant black facade
Esplanade House | Finnis Architects
Modern home withoutdoor fireplace
Blue Jay Way Residence | McClean Design
Modern white home and swimming pool
Sotogrande House | A-Cero
Modern entrance and facade
Casa del Cabo | Andres Remi Arquitectos
Agua House | Barrionuevo Sierchuk Arquitectas

Our homes are our best refuge from the weather, disasters, and the messed up world outside. It is not wrong to spend much on making them more comfortable and eye-catching.



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