28 Weird and Unique Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Make You a Hit

28 Weird and Unique Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Make You a Hit


It’s time for Halloween! The most appropriate time of the year to dress up and go trick-or-treating. Now you wouldn’t want to go out looking plain and simple, right? Everyone wants to look cool and awesome. So we prepared a list below that’ll give inspiration for your upcoming costumes.

Get ready for an overwhelming reaction from everyone who’ll see you walking ’round the town! Happy Halloween.

Jesse Pinkman and Heisenburger

Slender Man



Mirror Man


Half Sweeney Todd, Half Mrs. Lovett


Father and Son’s Mech Warrior Costume




Quagmire Costume





Mr. and Mrs. Riddlers

Power Loader Baby from Aliens


Mount Rushmore

Head in a Box




Kidnapped Mermaid


Rain Man


Mr. Clean


Genie on a Flying Carpet

Steampunk Frankenstein


Molly the Dolly and Sludge from the Nightmare Factory Salem

Nikon Camera




One-Night Stand

White Walker

Money Man


Old Black-and-White Movie Characters

Portable Toilet Costume

Zombie Baby Costume

Some of the costumes you’ve just seen might not be scary, but what’s important is that they’ll definitely look amazing on you. It’s all about showcasing that “wow” factor that’ll leave people’s jaws dropping in amazement.




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