44 Best Friend Qualities You Should Possess

44 Best Friend Qualities You Should Possess

They say, “No man is an island.” Clichéd as it may sound, that saying was never wrong. We all need someone to sit beside us when everything starts to fall apart. We need someone who is not only good at saying that everything will be okay. A friend could be our everything; they might not know it. But what does it really take to be a friend or the best friend? We did a research and found out forty-four of the things one wants to see in his or her best friend. Read on and be the best of all the friends one can have.

1. Someone who is always there, physically, mentally, and emotionally. A friend does not always have to be right beside for you to know that she cares. If a friend truly cares, she will let you know that, even in silence.

2. Someone who listens. At times when everyone else shuts their ears from anything you say, a friend will be there to sit back and gives you the chance to talk because they think you need to.

3. Someone who is not scared to speak up. It is not easy for a friend to be honest at times when her opinion is the last one you will want to hear.

4. Someone who guides you when you need it the most. A friend is there to hold your hand and see the right path when you’re too blinded to find it yourself.



5. Someone who is loyal.

6. Someone who does everything to cheer you up. A friend does not give up at the first try of trying to lighten up your mood. She will stop till she sees you smile.

7. Someone who aims at improving both of your lives through your friendship. A friend does not go out with you only to fight boredom.

8. Someone who is transparent and vulnerable.

9. Someone who will be happy for you when you achieve the thing you have been longing to have. You don’t need someone who just says congratulations. You need someone to celebrate that success with you.

10. Someone who is honest even if it will cause misunderstandings. A true friend would risk just so she could tell you what you have to hear from her.




11. Someone who forgives. A friend knows that you do things for a reason, and more than anyone else, she knows what it is.

12. Someone who accepts you for who you are. A friend will take you however bad you look, however bad your past is, without any condition attached.

13. Someone who supports you, even though she does not support your situation. A true friend is brave enough to say no, even if they know all you want to hear is a yes.

14. Someone who is willing to grow together with you. As much as you both want to improve each other’s lives, a true friend is not afraid to spend years of growth with you.

15. Someone who is there at your loss. You need someone who will be there to cry with you at your loss, and not someone who is just present at your wins.




16. Someone who is there to stay with you no matter what. When the whole world walks out of your life, a true friend will be willing to build another world with you.

17. Someone who will give you the same comfort you get when you are with yourself. If a friend can give you that feeling, she’s the best.

18. Someone who does not let her ego get on the way. Pride can eat a relationship in one gulp.

19. Someone who perfectly knows your imperfections but still loves you.

20. Someone who shows her appreciation for your existence. And you should not forget to do the same.




21. Someone who can be weird with you. Find a friend who will be willing to join you on your craziest adventures.

22. Someone who puts others before herself. A true selfless friend is the best you can have.

23. Someone who lets you know when things get out of hand, when there’s something you need to be told about.

24. Someone who always makes sure you are safe. There can never be a better friend than someone who does not let thoughts about you disappear, someone who checks out on you.

25. Someone who does not let distance get on the way of your friendship. Like lovers, true friends grow closer as they go physically farther from each other.




26. Someone who sticks with you through thick and thin.

27. Someone who is willing to go extra mile for you. A true friend is willing to make sacrifices for you, like changing their plan for the day just to fetch you from the airport.

28. Someone who believes in your choices. A true friend encourages you when you go astray.

29. Someone who thinks of you as a family. You are not just an acquaintance, a companion, a buddy. You will always be a family for your friend, like a sibling.

30. Someone who is patient enough to let you cool down first when you have a rift.




31. Someone who spends a boozy night with you but reminds you of your limitations.



32. Someone who helps you go out of your comfort zone. You friend only wants the best for you, so they don’t want you to settle with the littlest of things. They want you to show the world what you got and will be there throughout your journey.

33. Someone who will be willing to sit with you without saying anything for hours. A true friend knows when you need a companion but not a teacher to call you off.

34. Someone who will never let you feel you’re abusing their kindness. We can get spoiled, but a true friend goes along with that as long as they know that it’s what you need.

35. Someone who will understand you even if you choose a total badass for a boyfriend.




36. Someone who will be willing to clean up your mess after a house party. When everyone is out to go home, a true friend stays behind and helps you gather the mess. Yes, a true friend should not mind doing that for you.

37. Someone who is willing to sit down with you for some shit talks. A true friend is not someone who always says, “Oh, don’t say that about her. It’s bad.” We all have our evil side, and a true friend is with you whenever that side comes out.

38. This may sound weird, but during a hangover, a true friend will be the one to pull your hair back when you vomit. Supportive even during those times.

39. Someone who is honest enough to tell you that your OOTD is not really that good. Of course, what friend will let you walk in the street in a strange-looking getup?

40. Someone who doesn’t mind if you fart in front of them. We need a friend who will laugh with us instead during those times.




41. Someone who doesn’t mind seeing you walk around the house naked. That’s part of the bond.

42. Someone who is willing to enjoy a long joyride to nowhere. Cabbie times that have no actual destinations are the best, and a true friend will be willing to join you in that.

43. Someone who just gets into your house without knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell. You’ll know if it’s a friend you can keep your whole life is she treats your home as hers.

44. Someone who will always love you as much as she loves herself.

A friend is more than just someone whom you go out with every day, one you walk with on your way to school. She’s more than just someone on your speed dial. A best friend is a lifetime partner. You may end up choosing different career paths, a true friend will still call you for a date and talk about your jobs. Famous French fabulist Jean de la Fontaine once said, “Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.” He’s right, but it doesn’t really take a long time to find a true friend; all it takes is an open heart to give people the chance to prove why they deserve to stay in your life.




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