45 Million Flowers, World’s Most Beautiful Dubai Miracle Garden

45 Million Flowers, World’s Most Beautiful Dubai Miracle Garden

Found in Dubai Land, Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s most beautiful garden. Not only does this 72,000 square meter site contains more than 45 million flower species, it also features spectacular displays, such as stars, igloos, pyramids, and different shapes of hearts.

Once fully established, the place is expected to attract over one million visitors. Each season, the garden alters its floral displays so that visitors will have a new experience in every visit.

In the report by Gulf News, developers said it has been possible to create this beautiful oasis in the desert. They explained, “Through judicious reuse of waste water, through drip irrigation”. They also added that “winter in Dubai provides the optimum growth period for flowers and the garden will close at the peak of summer”.

Though the site is not yet done, there are still plans for shops, retail outlets, and restaurants nearby.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is open to the public weekdays from 10AM to 10PM and on weekends from 10AM to midnight. It will close in the last week of May and will reopen in October. The entrance fee is 20 Dirhams for adults and children, ages three and above.

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