Photoshopped Fail

49 Horrifying Photoshopped Images from Magazines

Magazines have used photo manipulations to produce desirable results in their releases. However, they are so caught up in the moment that they go crazy and forget the little details. And they don’t care as long as it looks good.

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Here are 49 examples of Photoshopped pictures which failed drastically.

1. The girl on the right has a ridiculously long neck.

Longneck Girl

2.  Locking Fingers With a Phantom Hand

Phantom Hand

3.  The Girl With a Missing Thigh.

Missing Thigh

4.  The One-Legged Woman.

One Legged

5.  Frankenstein’s Bride is a little frisky.


6.  Count the fingers on the girl’s hand.

Right hand girl

7.  That one leg is out of place.

Gucci Girl

8.  Another Phantom Hand.

phantom hand

9.  Woman without a belly button.

Woman without belly button

10.  Kristen Stewart lost her arm.

Kristen Stewart

11.  Invisible Toes.

Invisible Toes

12.  Forearm covered with the background.

Missing Forearm

13.  That’s weird-looking thighs.

Weird Looking Thigh




14.  The left boob is bigger than the left one.

Left Boob Bigger

15.  She must be pretty flexible.

Flexible Girl

16.  Demi Moore’s dress is held up by nothing.

Demi Moore

17.  Michelle Branch has a short butt crack.

Michelle Branch

18.  Clearly, she is not the real Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston

19.  She has a very long thumb.

Very long thumb

20.  This does not look Zooey Deschanel at all.Zooey

21.  She has tiny forearms.

Tiny Forearms

22.  Gwen Stefani has a shrunken head.

Head Shrunk Gwen Stefani

23. Where’s the other half of the arm.

Tina Fey

24.  Drew Barrymore looks like she has no hip.

Missing Hips

25.  Bradshaw from ‘Sex and the City’ is a little bit scary.





26.  Where is the other arm?

Arm is missing

27.  She has very long legs.

Very long legs

28.  Kerry Washington’s Chest is sagging.

Kerry Washington

29.  That is a long arm.

Long Arm

30.  Her face looks like its melting.

Melting Face

31.  Where is the rest of the horse?


Missing Body Horse

32.  That is one rubbery arm and joint.

Rubber Arms

33.  I’m pretty sure that this is not Lady Gaga’s body.

Lady Gaga Fail

34.  Emma Watson’s leg bends in a weird way.

Legs is missing

35.  Is it really possible to have a body like this?

Long Body

36.  Her waist is unbelievable.

Ralp Lauren

37.  She has an uneven leg.

Mini leg

38.   Look at the ghost hand on her shoulders.

Ghost Hand




39.  Avril Lavigne has a Popeye arm

Very thin arm

40.  How in the world did she carve her thigh like that?

41.  She is missing her ribs.

Ribs is missing

42.  Her neck is a bit out of place.

Creepy neck

43.  She is carrying only the handles of the handbag.

Invisible bag

44.  Her wrist is so flexible.

Flexible Wrist

45.  Claire Dane’s leg is nowhere to be found.

Missing Leg

46.  Apparently, surfing can be great when you have invisible arms.

Invisible Arm

47.  Adam Levine is too thin.

So thin

48.  You cannot see her face from behind.

Head is Missing

49.  Another incident of an entity to hold hands with a model.

Strange Hands



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