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5 Secret Passageways You Want to Be Built in Your Home

Who doesn’t have secrets? Everyone has secrets. Even houses have secrets—secret passageways. These secret passageways may serve as a panic room, room to store valuable things, or just for a quiet hideout where the homeowner can relax. But these secret passageways must be built with extreme care. Who would want to have a secret passageway that’s quite noticeable, right?

So here are some some of the best creations from Creative Home Engineering, one of the industry leaders in creating secret passageways.

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A Lifting Staircase

Lifting Staircase
A lifting staircase just like in the movies.

Yes, a lifting staircase! The lifting staircase hides another staircase to a lower-level secret room. Just make sure that no one’s on the stairs when you decide to open it.

A Wall or a Door?

A wall or a door?
The furniture in the hidden room is not included during the installation of the stone wall door.

Yeah, it’s just a plain-looking stone wall. Wait, look again! It’s a door pretending to be a wall. What a great way to hide a room! No one would expect a stone wall is a door to a secret passageway.




A Hidden Stockroom under Your Steps

Hidden Stockroom
A hidden storage room to keep your bulky things.

You already saw the amazing lifting staircase. Now how about a hidden closet or stockroom beside your normal staircase? This seemingly normal cabinet is a door to a stockroom for your mops, vacuum cleaners, and other bulky items.

From a Fireplace to an Entirely Different Space

A secret passageway fireplace, ’nuff said!

This fireplace revolving door is one of the “hottest” secret passageways. This fireplace is one of the most creative and inconspicuous secret passageway to a panic room or a storage for your valuables. Who would seriously think that a common fireplace is a secret passageway!

Cleverly Cloistered Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar
Warning: Must be sober when trying to find the wine cellar.

This is another stone wall that is really a door to a secret passageway. Notice the decorative wine bottles hanging on the wall? They are actually door handles that would lead you to a secret wine cellar.

These are just five of Creative Home Engineering’s secret passageway masterpieces. All of these are created and designed to handle temperature fluctuations, to carry heavy loads, and other conditions that would lead sagging of the doors.

Amazing, aren’t they? This is how human creativity works. Indeed, if one can imagine it, he can turn it to reality.



Here are other amazing passageway ideas for your home:


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