50 Hilarious Haircut Fails You Have to See to Believe

50 Hilarious Haircut Fails You Have to See to Believe

We all have had a bad hair day. Whenever that moment comes, it feels like it’s the end of the world. The horror and embarrassment of having the “worst haircut ever” is enough to hide in a place, never again to see the light of day.

But maybe, these photos will convince you that they were having worse hair days than you. They were so bad that if you were in their situation, you would immediately relocate to the mountains and stay their until you look pretty normal again.

It is just really unbelievable that people took a decision to style their hairs like these ones on purpose. Take a look at them.

1.  The Full Ron Swanson

2.  Is it a cap, or is it hair?

3.  The Indecisive’s Hairstyle

4.  What could be hiding behind the zipper?

5.  He could totally use that hair for a key chain.


6.  An avid tennis fan taking fandom to the next level.

7.  This is what you get when you cross a monk and a punk.

8.  This doesn’t make any sense.

9.  The perfect hairstyle for a mugshot.


10.  Forehead-stache—because one mustache is not enough.

11.  “Just don’t cut my sideburns off.”

12.  A hairy face halo.

13.  The Iguana Cut

14.  Why would he get his hair done like this?

15.  The David Bowie


16.  I bet he thought he looked like Johnny Bravo.

17.  The Official Google Hair

18.  The hairstyle for high dudes.

19.  A foolproof tactic to get some sleep in class.

20.  The kid with a creepy mullet.


21.  Avery explosive style.

22.  The Curly Fries

23.  “I can see what you are doing even if I am not looking at you.”

24.  How could he have thought that this would be awesome!

25.  The Lion Tail Hair




26.  The man with a poop for a hair.

27.  Just chillin’

28.  The Literal Hairnet

29.  The Pippi Longstocking for Men

30.  This dude looks like Helga from ‘Hey Arnold.’




31.  A Halo Made of Hair

32.  This hairstyle can soar up to new heights.

33.  The Anal Beads Hair

34.  Hairstyle for Better Hearing

35.  Why would he want his hair shaved into a man taking a dump?




36.  This definitely doesn’t look badass.

37.  The Hairstyle for Music Lovers

38.  Just a simple haircut from upfront. Just don’t look behind.

39.  This kid got this haircut for the yearbook.

40.  I can see you.




41.  What creature is in his hair?

42.  His barber must be drunk as hell.

43.  A serious admiration for Angry Birds.

44.  This dude went green.

45.  What happened to  his bangs?




46.  A Symmetrical Haircut

47.  This looks so familiar.

48.  The “Not Wolverine” Cut

49.  Glad that this did not become a trend.

50.  The Literal Rat Tail


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