6 Wild Animals You Can See in India

6 Wild Animals You Can See in India


India is the second most populous country in the world but it is also one of the top tourist destinations all over the globe because of its unique and wild biodiversity, especially with the country’s wild safari that has been one of the greatest attractions for people who are into the wild.

Get tamed as we present you six of the wild animals you can see in the beautiful country of India.

Great Indian Elephant

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Great Indian elephants are endangered species smaller than African elephants but higher heads.

Indian Black Buck


A specie of antelope, Indian Black Buck is a gazelle-like animal with a slender body and short-tail horned creature.

Royal Bengal Tiger


Named as the national animal in India, Royal Bengal Tiger is a type of tiger with orange marks in dark stripes, white underbelly and huge paws.




Indian Rhinoceros


One horned rhinoceros found in India, Indian Rhinoceros has thick grey-brown skin with skin folds in pink. They are confined in the grasslands and forest of the Himalayas for shelter and protection.

Indian Leopard


Indian Leopards are one of the five big cats found in India. They are panther look alike with strong legs, long structured tails and yellowish grey eyes.

Indian Wild Ass


These creatures are found in Little Rann of Kutch in India and are called as Khur by locals. Their texture is sandy and it has a dark mane that extends from back of the head and along the neck.




This definitely made India one of the richest countries in the world for such natural prosperity displayed by these amazing animals.

Find out how these animals greatly affect the entire Indian culture.



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