7 Must See Underground Clubs in Prague …Where the Party Never Ends

7 Must See Underground Clubs in Prague …Where the Party Never Ends


Prague has always been famous for being the home of the wildest party goers. Because of its affordable beers, this city is one the best destinations for every tourist who wants the ultimate party life. Since parties in Prague are alive 24/7, many club venues have become so crowded that you may want to venture out for some more social.

There are many venues in Prague that are well-trodden but not as popular and are somewhat hidden down under. Worry not as these new hangout spots hold events that are just as enjoyable and offer everything you might imagine.  Stay for a day or the week if you dare!


Neone looks like an abandoned office but with an awesome sound system. This place is loaded with good events where everyone can freely schmooze with basically anyone. It is located in Kulturní centrum Vltavská, an area that is in itself filled with countless studios and offices, making the area too crowded during weekends.

It was originally just another project from the series of events started by Lunchmeat.cz, a team that organizes events that aim to “connect the dots between quality electronic music, visual shows, and new media while creating a truly synthetic experience.”

Basement Bar

The Basement Bar features quality music that proves just how much the famous DJs who play there love music. The good ambiance–inducing sound is combined with the bar’s peculiar interior.

Basement Bar is literally a bar at the basement as it is located down under the Czech Inn Hotel. Although the venue itself is not privately secluded at all, the bar is only open to a limited audience that wishes to host exclusive events.

The staff also has to end parties at a reasonable time at night to shut the party-pooping neighbors. They are also well aware that police officers patrolling around the venue is not a sweet thing.

Check out their Web site or official Facebook page to be updated on what the bar is up to.


It was the organizers of the Letniho Festival who started the Klubnova bar. As they felt the need to have a space fit for any event, they built what they see as a culture center and used it as a space for amateur musicians and filmmakers who need a place to perform in. Klubnova is also known as the only “secret venue” that lets children in. They accept bookings and walk-ins, so when you feel like it, you can just head down there and enjoy a night of good music.




GRID Prague

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The GRID Prague might be a former nineteenth-century publishing house, but the bar’s rugged and rustic theme is there to boost the atmosphere and set everyone in a disco fever. From being a space solely designed for artists and designers, it has evolved into a multifunctional arena available for anyone who wants to hold interesting and progressive events that cannot be disclosed to the general public.


Microna is said to be an underground warehouse project somewhere in Prague, but that’s just about the only information known to everyone. Because nothing is shared about it aside from its location, Microna becomes more interesting every time.


Podnik has remained unknown to the public up until now. Also located in Kulturní centrum Vltavská, this nightspot is packed with the right music and events that make people’s crazy nights even crazier. With its spacious art-installed venue, it is one of Europe’s must-visit places for fun and worth-remembering Friday nights.

When the lights are out and the music stops, Podnik transforms into a serene café during daytime.

Terminal B

If you want a whole night of just drinking and music without any interruption, then Terminal b is where you should stop and stay for the rest of your evening. The bar is the former haunting Žižkov freight station turned into a fairly makeshift bar with large dance floor and big wall space. It’s neighbor-less, so there shouldn’t be any drunkards stumbling in and ruining the party. It’s like a squat party with study bar in the middle of New York.

The location, however, and the club’s layout are not sealed enough to protect you from the harsh winters. Since the club’s events are subject to weather conditions, check out their website before heading down the their venue. Or else, your crazy night will be a chilly one.


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