Funny Cafe Board Signs to Lift Your Work Week …It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere!

Funny Cafe Board Signs to Lift Your Work Week …It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere!


If you are looking for some amusement during happy hour, just stroll around downtown and see what the local pubs and bars have written on their signs. Sit back and enjoy these messages.

Trust them. They did the science.

Well, that describes Mondays just right

If you need a little encouragement . . .

Why not follow orders from a sign?

Booze is the answer, always


Proven and tested.

It is indeed kid-friendly

Your call

The only soup men need

Never forget what you learned in school




That’s not how it works

Claim your prize

Your mind has been blown

Scroll Down for the Video

Vegetables are good for your health

Honesty is the best policy


Look at the bright side

Hitting two birds with one stone

This sign hits home

High five!

Grab a few drinks while you solve this one




What are you waiting for?

This bar listens to customer reviews

You can’t argue with that

What would it be?

Hey, as long as it’s free


Don’t be a Grumpy Cat

You know where to go

As long as there is no judgement

That’s math, all right

An undeniable fact




Would you take the risk?

It’s downright accurate!

A wild unsuspecting dad appears!

Double standards




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