8 Eccentric Fashion Styles of Today

8 Eccentric Fashion Styles of Today

Each of us has our unique style and look that we want to be admired for. Although many does well at styling themselves, other ladies just “over-accessorize” and overdo their sense of fashion. As a result, they look foolish and weird rather than unique and sexy.

But, regardless of how absurd the fashion trend can get, there are still plenty of girls who follow it. Though these ideas look fine among celebrities, it is advised that you shouldn’t follow them, unless you want to be humiliated. It would be best if you wear something comfortable and suitable rather than something quirky and freaky.

Now that you know much about fashion, have a look at 8 of the most common fashion mistakes people commit:

1. Pajamas outside

Pajamas are excellent wears in the evening. But, there is a limitation to this. A pajama should only best worn at home and not in the street. This doesn’t really look sexy. So, keep it there.


2. Dyed fur coats

Though some say that intense colors can give us enough warmth during the cold days, wearing dyed fur coats isn’t really a good choice. This will make you look like a parrot. Instead of looking lovely and gorgeous, you would rather look ridiculous.


3. Colored armpit hair

Colored and hairy armpits have recently become a trend. And people are becoming more and more confused. They are wondering whether armpit hair should be left there to grow, or maybe it is better to have it removed. Regardless, dying armpit hair isn’t really a cool idea.

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4. Socks in sandals

Who said socks and sandals can become a good pair? This odd style is only good for old-fashioned magazines and not for high-end fashion. People wearing socks in their sandals looks immature and lame.


5. Wear leggings as pants

Leggings worn as pants is also another odd trend that is becoming popular today. If you do not want people to laugh at you, always remember that leggings can never replace pants. Whenever you are planning to go out and have a walk in the park, opt for trousers.


6. Fleshy lips

Many women assume that men like big and fuller lips. In some cases, this may be true. However, it’s not the enormous lips they are after. Although it has already become a popular trend, it sometimes makes a woman look cheap and vulgar.


7. Fast food trend

Never wear something that makes you look like a walking advertisement of a junk food on the street, unless you are a celebrity. Even if this has become popular for many stars in Hollywood, this is better worn on commercials and ad campaigns.


8. Hoof boots/Hooves

Hooves or hoof boots are considered a total fashion failure. It is something created for the sake of having senseless attires. Luckily, only a few customers bought these things. And if you are still thinking of buying one, well forget about it because it looks outrageous.


After you’ve seen these odd fashion statements, do you still want to wear any of these?



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