A Series of Horrifying Killer Clown Pranks Sends the Streets of Las Vegas Into a State of Near Frenzy

A Series of Horrifying Killer Clown Pranks Sends the Streets of Las Vegas Into a State of Near Frenzy

Clowns are something that many of us are very afraid of… As a matter of fact, others even develop coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. If you think about it, clowns are quite scary and look terrifyingly creepy. There’s just something about their grin that sends shivers down a person’s spine. So what do you do when you come across killer clowns?

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DM Pranks is very popular with their funny and scary pranks. Now they’re back with quite possibly their most terrifying tricks yet, making them known for releasing the scariest-looking clowns the world has encountered.

In its latest video, the notorious YouTube channel, which is hosted by Matteo Moroni, left the locals in Las Vegas frantic with its series of pranks.

In the clip, Matteo joined forces with the owner of the Halloween-styled theme park Fright Dome, Jason Egan, who collaborated for the prank.


Folks terrified by the world’s scariest clowns.

Jason Egan, owner of the Halloween-styled theme park Fright Dome, joins forces with Matteo for the video.


The prankster takes his cousin Bryan who helps set up the cameras and films the action.


Matteo said that the ideas for the pranks were formulated in April after he had organized the collaboration with Mr. Egan. “The prank scene saturated, and I wanted to do a few things differently and in a more professional manner,” he said.

The clowns hides in a gas station, which was leased to the team for a couple of hours, and waited for a woman to notice a bloodied actor on the ground. This was how the events transpired in the clip, entitled “Killer Clown 6: Episodes from Vegas”.

The man pretending to be dead on the floor of a gas station is one of the Fright Dome actors.


The simulated murder, melee weapons, and costumes, along with most of the tricks, are recognizable as being the work of DM Pranks.


When the woman began to scream in horror, one of the three clowns, who rose from their positions and barricade her inside, asked, “May I help you?” As the woman was backing away and running to the corner of the shop while pleading for her life, the pranksters with the melee weapons closed in on the terrified woman.

There might be some changes, depending on the production companies he chooses to work with, but Matteo says that he has big plans for upcoming videos.



In the hallway of the Circus Circus hotel, the clowns charge a man as seen in other pranks in the clip.


According to Matteo, he has a few more scenarios that he is looking to use down the road, but his Las Vegas pranks has certainly captured some great reactions.


A series of expensive props have been included to enhance the terror, and two of the pranks featured in the video present the progression of the channel.

While inside a police car, the clowns stop two men in an alleyway and ask them to get down on their knees before chasing them away, as seen in one scene.


Matteo explains that he gets together with the victims afterwards to have a good laugh.


“The actors are the same clowns that are inside the Fright Dome. They are really professional, and it was very easy getting good results with them. Other than that, I set up the cameras and angles on my own, along with my cousin Bryan, who was a huge help,” Matteo said.

One of the pranks used an ambulance alongside a series of actors, displaying a horrendous recovery/murder scene.


With half a million Facebook fans, 410 million views and more than 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, DM Pranks has truly left their mark.


According to Matteo, “They watched their reaction on the camera and probably had more fun than the viewers. Usually the people pranked turn into my most hardcore fans.”

Your fear of clowns has just been reinforced.


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