This Proves that Spring Is The Absolute Best Time To Visit Japan

This Proves that Spring Is The Absolute Best Time To Visit Japan


For the anime lovers, cosplay enthusiasts, and just a travel buff, Japan is the place to be. But if you don’t when the perfect time is to visit Japan, here’s an answer for you: spring. Why? Because the cherry blossom in Japan during spring is simply flabbergasting.

These spectacular of Japan’s cherry blossom is called hanami, which translates to flower viewing. Japan knows how to appreciate the natural wonders they have because in fact, they hold hanami parties, which they’ve been doing for centuries now.
Picnic under the boughs is a highly recommended activity for tourists who choose to visit the Southeast Asian country during spring. Just that, it might be hard for you to find a free spot because pretty much everyone wants to do the same thing. What you can do, head to the park and join the Japanese who spread their blankets on the park as early as 8:00 a.m. and spend a serene day there.

With temples and other scenery that pose a beautiful contrast to Japan’s cherry blossom fest, spring time is indeed the busiest yet the most magnificent time season in Japan.

If you are not convinced enough, below are some photos of Japan’s spring that will make you book a flight to the country now.





The Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, Chidorigafuchi, and Sumuda Park are where one can best enjoy Japan’s sakura. It is in these places where hundred varities of cherry tree can be found. The most popular among them is the Somei Yoshino that has flowers that are made up of five petals. There are flowers that have a hundred petals too!

Scroll down for more photos and give yourself more reason to visit Japan.


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