36 of the Best Pictures of Adorable Animals in Action …These are TOO Cute

36 of the Best Pictures of Adorable Animals in Action …These are TOO Cute


To see an animal in the wild is really majestic. In their natural setting, they are quite awe-inspiring.

So what do animals really do in their natural habitat? Dolphins and killer whales jump out of the water. Tigers like to chase their prey. You can witness giraffes fighting, which they do this by swinging their necks around. Perhaps, you will be fortunate enough to see a bear catch a salmon for his dinner.

These animals do all sorts of things when humans are not around and some of them have been captured and immortalized in images that will let us be party to their lives in the wild. Check a number of them below:

These Bears Are Playing


Cheetah Cubs Pouncing

The fence doesn’t keep back the dogs


This is Fun in the Sun



Kung Fu Eagles

Giraffes Are Having a Fight

This parrot is one tough bird

Leap of faith

Swimming piglets


This pig wants to try out for the high jump event

Just out for some exercise

They just need a boxing ring

Alligator Just Splashin’ Around

This Anteater Is Doing His Own Thing



Charging through the water

Just catching his dinner

Alaskan brown bear catching a jumping salmon, Brooks Falls.

This Cat Is Reaching for the sky

Tree Climbing

This Collie Is Feeling the breeze


This dog Is Starring in the Action Film of the Summer

corgi-addict: We need more of this. source: http://imgur.com/r/corgi/Ik93Lq6 I agree wholeheartedly!

Impressive wingspan

Flying Fish is a Show Off

Mary’s little lamb is prancing

Run like the wind, Mr. Horse



Jumping for joy

Little lion cub wants to build a snowman

The Orca and the Dolphin playing chase

This ostrich can run faster than you

This otter says hello


Baby pandas just want to have fun

If you can’t stand the heat, hold on to a block of ice

The Puma Is Pouncing

This Reptile is going to devour a bug

Sharks can jump, too



This tiger is focused on his snack

Be entranced by these other wild animals below:

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