Alcoholic Cheesecake Recipes to Make Your Next Party a Huge Hit!

Alcoholic Cheesecake Recipes to Make Your Next Party a Huge Hit!

Booze and dessert⁠. The only two essentials that you need in your life during the summer. What if you could combine booze and dessert together to create a masterpiece? Yep, booze and dessert. You read that right! Allow us to introduce to you the alcoholic cheesecake.

It may be quite undervalued, but alcohol in food is really good. Once you try it, you’ll forever wonder why you never did it before. Combining alcohol and desert may sound complicated, but we assure you that it’s really simple. It is as simple as throwing a few ingredients together. These treats are certainly a perfect and easy DIY project for anyone. Talk about perfect treats to bring to a party and impress your friends.

So now you are wondering, why are you still not having a slice of these heavenly cheesecakes? Well then, it’s about time you get off your chair and start baking these sweet treats!

Never Thought of an Alcoholic Cheesecake? Allow Us to Change Your Mind

Margarita cheesecake

This margarita cheesecake has all the splendid flavors of a classic margarita cocktail! A perfect, refreshing, homemade alcoholic cheesecake for dessert on a hot summer’s eve! Recipe here.

Limoncello cheesecake

This is a fabulous silky alcoholic cheesecake recipe with a boozy lemon essence and a crisp salty-sweet Biscoff cookie crust. Recipe here.

Bourbon banana pudding cheesecake

Think of this as a banana pudding on steroids! Bourbon gives this already tasty alcoholic cheesecake an unbelievable flavor. Recipe here.


Malibu coconut cheesecake

Imagine digging into a velvety cheese mass, mixed in with coconut flakes, and infused with a matching Malibu flavor. Recipe here.

Moonshine cheesecake minis

Moonshine-soaked cherries covered with a moonshine-infused cheesecake and chocolate graham cracker coating. After a party, this alcoholic cheesecake helps wrap things up. Recipe here.


Peachy Southern Comfort cheesecake

The photo doesn’t adequately depict how insanely satisfying the combination of Southern Comfort, pecans, fresh peaches, and creamy cheesecake is. Recipe here.

Strawberry daiquiri cheesecake

Turn this classic cocktail into an alcoholic cheesecake made with layers of sponge finger biscuits, fresh ricotta, and a splash of rum. Recipe here.

Mojito cheesecake


Mojitos are one of the most well known cocktails. Capture the flavors of the popular drink in a creamy cheesecake with this recipe.

Piña colada cheesecake

This piña colada cheesecake will transport you to the tropics on the first bite! A rich, creamy cheesecake filling infused with cream of coconut and pineapple chunks makes this dessert extra special. Recipe here.

Kahlua cheesecake

Made with a dense brownie on the bottom, kahlua and coffee cheesecake in the middle, and a layer of homemade chocolate ganache and kahlua whipped cream on top, this alcoholic cheesecake will make you fall in love! Recipe here.

Amaretto cheesecake

It’s thick, creamy, and full of amaretto flavor. In addition to that, it’s finished off with homemade mousse and sliced almonds. Recipe here.


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