Amazing Batman-Themed Rooms You’d Want for Your Own

Amazing Batman-Themed Rooms You’d Want for Your Own


Fans are among the craziest and fun people in the world. They would do almost anything if it means to be closer to their heroes.

With the resurgence of the popularity of comic book heroes, it not surprising that children and adults alike has rekindle their fandom and love for these heroes. One of the most popular comic book heroes is Batman. With hit movies like the Dark Knight series, Batman fans have multiplied by the hundreds. So, it is not surprising that some of these fans built their own batcaves.

Here’s pictures of a Eden Hotel in Taiwan where rooms are themed in various subjects such as superheroes. Here’s its Batman themed room.

A Batman themed motel in Taiwan
Batman vanity room.

And here are some of the most amazing and the wackiest Batman-themed rooms you’ll ever see.

A simple but luxurious Batman bedroom




Kids would feel safe knowing that Batman is watching over them while they sleep.

Start them young. What’s a better way to encourage your kid to become a Batman fan?




Kids would love sleeping on the batmobile.
Always be Batman.




Batman wallpaper
A Batman study room.




A video about Eden Hotel’s Batman room.

Bonus: Here’s a video about a cool dad who turned his basement into his own bat cave.

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