E-Volo Launches Copter Super Drone with Its Own CEO in the Pilot’s Seat!

E-Volo Launches Copter Super Drone with Its Own CEO in the Pilot’s Seat!

E-Volo, the reputable German copter company recently launched its own drone-helicopter hybrid with no less than the company’s CEO as the pilot. Tagged as a “super drone,” the two-seater flying machine and first ever manned flight produced by the company was the pride and joy of Volocopter’s engineers.

German Company E-Volo Flies Copter-Drone for the First Time

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The super drone is powered by an electric engine, and the control pad consists of a joystick and a few buttons. It is able to get off the ground with a large number of attached drones that look like they’ve been welded together.

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After a series of remotely controlled test flights that were a success, the company decided to test its functionality. That is, they wanted to find out what would happen if a human actually climbed inside it and pilot it.

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They decided the right person to test it was no other than the E-Volo’s boss and CEO, Alexander Zosel, who was just as excited to test the claim by the company that the super drone represented “the dawn of a revolution in urban mobility.”

The test flight was a complete success, and Zosel was even confident enough to take his hands off the controls when he gave a positive thumbs up to his ground-based staff.

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When he got back on land, Zosel was nothing short of triumphant when he said, “The flight was totally awesome. The machine was absolutely reliable. There were no vibrations. It was tremendous. The first flight was simply unbelievable.”

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