Awesome Underwater Hotels: You Literally Sleep with the Fishes

Awesome Underwater Hotels: You Literally Sleep with the Fishes

Instead of a view of the city’s skyline, how about marine life through glass walls? It’s now possible to sleep in the deep ocean, surrounded by sea creatures swimming by your window. Experience a luxurious staycation below sea level in these international underwater hotels.

Amazing Underwater Hotels All Over the World

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland (China)

InterContinental Hotels and Resorts

Built on an abandoned quarry in Songjiang, about 20 miles outside of Shanghai’s city center, the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland has two submerged floors with premier underwater views in their suites, plus a restaurant and a swimming pool—yes, a swimming pool underwater. There is an artificial waterfall on the site, and guests are encouraged to partake in water sports in the hotel’s huge sports center. A night’s stay here costs you $15,000.

Lovers Deep Submarine (Caribbean)

Oliver’s Travels

From the name itself, Lovers Deep isn’t really a hotel. In 2014, luxury villa rental agency Oliver’s Travels began offering stays in this incredible submarine. A chef and personal butler are on staff to ensure 5-star service. The company also changes up the interior design based on each couple’s specifications. The price tag starts at $215,000 a night.

The Muraka, Conrad Rangali Island (Maldives)


In November 2018, Maldives debuted a two-level villa called the Muraka, which literally means coral in the Dhivehi language. The two-level structure has an above-water living area and a main bedroom with acrylic walls providing panoramic views of the surrounding ocean. The suite includes an infinity pool, butler’s quarters, and enough space for nine people to sleep. Price is at $50,000 a night.

Manta Resort, Pemba Island (Tanzania)

Vogue Brasil

Offering amazing views of the Indian Ocean and African coastline and coral reef sceneries, this floating hotel is the definition of tropical luxury. You also get to enjoy stargazing from the roof deck. Each underwater bedroom is placed about 13 feet below sea level and runs from $1,500 per night. The hotel also offers dive trips all along Pemba Island. 

Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore)

Resorts World Sentosa

There are 11 Ocean Suites in Resorts World Sentosa, offering you a view of the 40,000 sea creatures that live in the world’s largest aquarium in the lower level of Sentosa’s two-story townhouse, which include manta rays, clownfish, and more. On the other hand, the upper level consists of an open living area leading onto an outdoor patio and Jacuzzi. Guests are treated to five-star comfort and a personalized butler service while enjoying spectacular views in the underwater sanctuary. A night’s stay here runs about $1,200.

Atlantis, the Palm (Dubai)

Prestigious Venues

The underwater suites at the Atlantis boast enormous floor-to-ceiling windows to show you the beauty of 65,000 marine animals of the Ambassador Lagoon aquarium while you sleep. Named Poseidon and Neptune, these luxury suites cost $8,200 a night, complete with a 24-hour butler service.