An 8-Year-Old Boy Experienced Bullying While Growing His Hair for a Cause

An 8-Year-Old Boy Experienced Bullying While Growing His Hair for a Cause

Christian McPhilamy was still six years old when he made a conscious decision to grow his hair long, two and a half years ago. Although a lot of people mistook him for a girl and he was often teased by kids in school, nothing deterred the young boy from his special goal.

The six-year-old, who lives in Florida, wanted to give away 10-inch locks of his blonde hair, so they can be made as wigs for children who have cancer. He was inspired by a TV commercial about the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In an interview with Florida Today, Christian revealed that “some people tried to call me a girl”. He stated that although this had him feeling”not very good”, it never made him change his mind about accomplishing his mission and giving away his hair to “Children With Hair Loss”.

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For a special mission, Christian McPhilamy grew his hair long and had to tolerate and endure bullying for two and a half years.


The young boy wanted to give away his hair, so it can be made into wigs for kids who have cancer.


There were kids who picked on him and called him a girl because of his long hair.



There were even adults, who encouraged the young boy to have his hair cut.


However, most of them asked for an apology when he explained to them what his special mission was.


Although, Christian admitted to having felt “not very good” when he was bullied, this did not sway him from accomplishing his goal.



Once his hair got to the right length after two and a half years, Christian’s parents divided it into four 10-inch ponytails, cut them off, and gave them away to “Children With Hair Loss”.


Christian may have gone through some rough times before he achieved his mission, but he persevered. He serves as a perfect role model that many of us should emulate.


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