Nail Polish Commercial Features Unusual Performance …See Who is Performing With the Dancers!

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Women these days are trending against the traditional ideas of what defines femininity. Female presidential candidates and star athletes all show that women are not left to be in the background anymore. They can hold a briefcase and tools and still wear makeup and make fashionable wardrobe choices–Tough, yet feminine.

Global nail polish company OPI made this commercial in 2012 to celebrate diversity and color. The video shows a dance off between four dancers and a beautiful, majestic horse named Lady in Black. There are four bold colors and four distinct dances featured—hip-hop, tap, modern, and ballet.

The thoroughbred horse was trained by Mario Luraschi, the French horse trainer and stuntman who has worked on films like The Musketeer and The Brothers Grimm. Traditional dressage gaits and movements were combined with digital motions to create the horse’s choreography.



Each performer spent hours of training to deliver a beautiful display of strength and grace. Don’t let the digital enhancement detract you from the horse’s performance as well. Animals aren’t easy to train.

This commercial is a fun way to encourage viewers, especially women, to embrace their strengths and self-expression. Nail polish is just one way to show your personal style.

Watch the full video:

Here’s another video right here.


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