The Most Bizarre Things Dispensed by Vending Machines …You’re Not Going to Believe These Items!

The Most Bizarre Things Dispensed by Vending Machines …You’re Not Going to Believe These Items!

In the 1880s, the first-ever vending machine was unveiled in London. It sold postcards, apples, and other tiny pieces of food. Since then, the idea of machine vending never really changed, but the items inside did. Let’s take a look at some of the most unusual items sold in vending machines world wide.

Ice Cream


Currently, the MooBella machines are only found in the Northeastern portion of the United States. This vending machine dispenses 96 different types of ice cream flavors. Simply touch the screen to order and pay $3 for every scoop.

The Future of Convenience


Called the Convenience Stores of the Future, this new full-service vending machine is becoming very popular in Australia because you can find basically everything you need here.

Crack Pipes


In Canada, a vending machine that offers crack pipes has been preventing the spread of disease from filthy and dangerous DIY pipes. This was put up by a nonprofit organization and is then refilled once every five days. The machine can hold up to 200 pipes that cost 25 cents each.

Smart Cars


This may sound weird, but this vending machine actually exists. Thanks to an automated garage that can store up to 300 cars, people can rent a electric vehicles that can run as fast as 50 mph for $3.25 per hour. Using this vending machine, anyone can get the chance to drive a car even without owning one. It is currently operational in Japan and China.



Having a relationship emergency need for flowers to take home?  In Japan you can buy them anytime through this vending machine.




World’s Most Expensive Items


The world’s most luxurious vending machine is at the Hudson Hotel in New York, and it sells some of the most expensive things you’ll ever want, such as designer jewelries, clothing, 24-carat handcuffs, a $10,000 Ferrari rental, and an $8,000 photo shoot.



As what its name suggests, the Bikedispenser actually sells bikes. They can be found all over the Netherlands.

Kindle Vending


Amazon has released its own Kindle vending machine. It offers everything you need, from adapters, covers, to other miscellaneous stuff.

IKEA Spare Parts


If you have broken IKEA furniture, and you live in Canada, you’re in luck with a spare parts vending machine.

Fresh Crab


Believe it or not, there really is a vending machine that dispenses living animals. Found in China, this machine sells fresh crabs so that consumers don’t need to go to the fish market.






You no longer have to make runs to the border. In less than a minute, you can enjoy your favorite combination through the Burritobox vending machine.



If you’re in California, chances are you’ll bump into a vending machine that dispenses one of the most expensive food ingredients on earth. Located at the Beverly Hills, these machines are always stocked with a variety of caviars. While you can spend as little as $50 on this dish, there are other items priced at $5,000.

Vending Restaurant


FEBO, a group of vending machines that sells food items for $10 or less, has a pretty amazing menu items—sandwiches, cold drinks, and hot dogs. FEBO recently partnered with another company so that their vending machines now dispense prepaid smartphones.



In order to reduce infections caused by needle-sharing, Australia now offers vending machines that can dish out hypodermic needles.



If you’re in Italy, then getting pizza shouldn’t be a big surprise? But out of a vending machine? Pizza purists may be cringing, but within 3 minutes at the Let’s Pizza vending machine you can can get a hot pizza, with veggies, ham, prosciutto, and margherita. Each pizza costs around $4.50.






Feel like celebrating? Well, if you’re in London then you got to check out the Moet & Chandon champagne vending machine.

Fresh Eggs


A vending machine that doles out eggs is extremely popular in Japan. For only $3, you can enjoy a dozen of fresh eggs.


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