Now-Extinct Dog Breeds You Probably Never Heard Of

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People don’t usually associate the word extinct with domesticated animals. But because of factors such as interbreeding or being hunted down, different dogs have completely been removed out of existence. Over the years, different dog breeds have been created only to disappear.

Here are eleven dog breeds that do not exist anymore:

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dog breeds

1. Kuri

dog breeds

Kuri literally translates to dog in Maori language. It was said to have been brought to New Zealand from East Polynesia. As described by a French traveler Julien Marie Crozet in 1771, the kuri was “stubborn with a poor sense of smell.”  The Maoris used their fur to make cloaks, while others chose to domesticate them.

The kuri gradually became extinct when New Zealand was visited by European settlers and bred with their dogs. The last of its breed, a female and her puppy, were preserved in the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa.

2. Talbot Hound

dog breeds

The Talbot hound is known to be the great ancestor of the bloodhound and the beagle. The animals became extinct around 16th century, as its high maintenance and lack of purpose didn’t make breeders want to create more. However, throughout its existence, it was used by the royal guard because of its great sense of smell, and it remains as a crest for several families.

3. Molossus

dog breeds

This large dog breed was famous among ancient Romans and Greeks. It is the ancestor of the Great Dane, Mastiff, and St. Bernard. Mastiff-type breeds are collectively called molossers. These dogs were used for combat and were fitted with spiked armor and taught group formations for attacking.

The Molossus was also famous for its intelligence, and it was noted that philosopher Aristotle was fond of them,

This breed was even mentioned by Virgil himself: “Never, with them on guard, need you fear for your stalls a midnight thief, or onslaught of wolves, or Iberian brigands at your back.”

4. Cordoba Fighting Dog

dog breeds

The Cordoba fighting dog was native to Argentina and it is known to be the predecessor of the bull terrier, bulldog, and boxer. This fighting dog breed eventually died out because many had unfortunately perished in fighting pits. Another factor was that this dog was so aggressive in nature, that males and females would rather fight than mate.

5. Hawaiian Poi Dog


The Hawaiian Poi dog was a pariah dog native to Hawaii and is said to be of Polynesian origin. They got their name from the food poiwhich was used to fatten the dogs when meat was scarce and expensive. Due to this vegetarian diet, the Poi dog’s head became flat because of the disuse of temporal muscles needed for chewing. They were primarily used as a food source, but their purpose gradually faded away when dog meat was considered unacceptable by society. They were later subjected to interbreeding with other dog breeds in Hawaii.

6. Paisley Terrier


The Paisley terrier was bred completely as a pet or a show dog version of the Skye terrier and is known to be the forefathers of the Yorkshire terrier. The breed eventually declined in population after the demand became slow.

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