This Rhino Tried to Save a Zebra Stuck in Mud …An Incredible Interaction Between Species


A zebra foal that was stuck deep in the mud needed saving, so a rhinoceros came to the rescue and attempted to release it from its muddy prison. However, the rhino’s heroic act ended up as a tragedy instead. Below is a series of incredible photos that were captured during the heart-stopping moment.

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The dramatic moment when the male rhinoceros tried to help the zebra foal and lift it with its horn at the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa was captured in a series of photos by guide Roel van Muiden.

He said, “This was an amazing interaction between two species and one that I was lucky to see. Unfortunately, the rhino’s seemingly good intentions ended badly when its attempt to rescue a baby zebra stuck in the mud ended with the zebra getting killed instead.”

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